Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a scathing criticism of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today in a rally at Jaynagar in West Bengal called out her Hinduphobia for appeasing captive Muslim votebanks.

PM Modi in his speech said Mamata does not like people chanting Jai Shri Ram. In fact in the run to 2019, Lok Sabha elections, when a group of people were chanting Jai Shri Ram when her convoy was passing by. She got the vehicle stopped, deboarded abused people who chanted Jai Shri Ram and asked them police to arrest them.

When Mahua Moitra talks about Fascism, she should look no farther than her own leader and administration where one can get arrested for chanting Jai Shri Ram in public. Perhaps they think West Bengal is Mecca or Madina where non-Muslims are not allowed and praying and chanting Jai Shri Ram or any other non-Islamic slogan would be a crime!

PM Modi also said Mamata has issues with immersion of Durga idol. The Mamata government has been for many years now, restraining Hindus from immersing Durga idols after Navratri as she wants to appease the Shia Muslims to take out their Muharram processions by occupying all the roads. The W.Bengal government comes up with police orders denying permission to take out Durga idols for immersion. Hindus had to approach courts every year to exercise their fundamental right to practice their religion for immersion of Durga idols.

“Mamata Didi has issues with ‘Jai Shri Ram’ slogan. Entire Bengal knows it. Didi has issues with Durga idol immersion. Entire Bengal knows it. Didi has now problems with vermillion and saffron cloth. Didi’s men now call chotiwalas as rakshasas,” the Prime Minister said in Jaynagar.

PM Modi also said that Mamata also has issues about people wearing saffron robes and using vermillion. As Mamata in her desire to appease Islamist jihadis has started referring to anyone who wears saffron clothes as extremists and goondas.

Mamata in her Hinduphobia, has also made several changes to Bengali words which has reference to “Ram”. She has literally invented new words which does not even exist in Bengali dictionary and grammar books. Writing about it here would do injustice to the matter this author would write another article about the same.

PM Modi also said that Mamata’s party people call ‘Choitwalas’ as ‘Rakshasa’ referring to Mohua Moitra calling Giri Raj Singh as Chotiwala Rakshasa. Notably, Choti or hair braids are maintained by traditional and devout Brahmins generally as a tradition and Rakshas refers to demons. So Moitra in her hatred for anything remotely connected to traditional Hindu traditions was abusing all traditional devout Hindus, in particular the Brahmins as Rakshasas or demons.

PM Modi also took on Mamata’s constant reference to PM Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and UP CM Yogi Adityanath as outsiders and calling it a fight between Bengalis and outsiders. Today, at another rally in Bengal, PM Modi gave a befitting reply by pointing it out to her that she roots for illegal infiltrators into Bengal like Bangladeshis and Rohingyas who eat into the resources available for serving the marginalised and poor residents of Bengal just because she wants to appease the Muslim vote bank.

Notably, the authorities in Bengal have wittingly or unwittingly allowed Bangladeshis and Rohingyas get government identity cards like, Voters ID, Passport, Ration Card, Aadhaar Card etc. by falsely claiming that they are Indian citizens.

The battle for Bengal is a very significant one for the survival of Hindus, and preserving of Hindu culture, Bengal’s famous Bhakti movement culture, Durga Puja and Kali Puja culture as Hindus face an existential crisis in many border districts of West Bengal with fear of it becoming a Greater Bangladesh if the rot is not stemmed soon.

News Input of PM’s quote in election rally at Jaynagar, West Bengal: ANI

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