The Ajmer Superintendent of Police, Chuna Ram, held a news conference the day after police transported Gauhar Chishti from Hyderabad to Ajmer and declared that they will look into all potential aspects in the case, including any connections to the Popular Front of India (PFI). Speaking about the arrest, the SP disclosed that Chisti had attempted to escape by leaping from a first-floor window just before being apprehended by Ajmer police with the assistance of Hyderabad police. Since July 1, he had been concealing himself in his friend Mohammad Amanutallah’s alias Munnawar’s Hyderabad home. In Hyderabad, Munnawar operated a bangle store. The five-person crew that set out to capture Chisti also managed to capture Mohammad Amanutallah. Late Thursday night, Chisti was brought back to Ajmer and presented.



Late on Thursday night, Gauhar Chisti was returned to Ajmer, and she appeared in court today. The SP stated that more information could only be provided when Gauhar Chisti has been questioned by the police. According to SP Chuna Ram, efforts are being made to determine whether Chisti has connections to the PFI.The apprehended suspect Gauhar Chishti’s connection to Pakistan has now come to light. He frequently communicated with a few members of the radical group Dawat-e-Islami in Pakistan. It is noteworthy because Gauhar Chishti was also detained by the police two years ago for filming the CRPF camp, although he was just given a warning at the time.


On 14th of July, the police in Hyderabad detained Gauhar Chishti, who had called for the execution of former BJP spokeswoman Nupur Sharma. Outside the Ajmer dargah on June 17, Gauhar Chishti sang the offensive chants. According to reports, Gauhar Chishti also spoke with one of Kanhaiya Lal’s killers. The apprehended suspect Gauhar Chishti’s connection to Pakistan has now come to light. He frequently communicated with a few members of the radical group Dawat-e-Islami in Pakistan.


This was discovered during the NIA investigation into the murder of Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur and the Rajasthan ATS investigation into the inflammatory sloganeering in Ajmer.Vikas Sangwan who is the Additional SP of Ajmer said, “Gauhar Chishti arrested by Police from Hyderabad, Telangana. He had raised objectionable slogans outside Dargah on 17th June. The police team will bring him to Ajmer on transit remand on Friday. An FIR was lodged against Gauhar Chishti on June 25 for his provocative speech. He had been absconding since then and had moved out of Rajasthan on June 29. He was arrested from Hyderabad on Thursday.”Earlier Salman Chusti, the khadim of Ajmer Sharif dargah announced to give his house to someone who will kill Nupur Sharam.Sarwar Chishti of the Anjuman Committee of the Ajmer dargah has made a provocative statement that adds to the ongoing violence and controversy around the blasphemous remarks against the Prophet Muhammad.A video appeared on July 6, in which Sarwar Chishti said that any mischief in the glory of the Prophet will not be tolerated and the country will shake by the movement that is yet to come.According to the reports, Sarwar Chishti calls himself a member of the Popular Front of India. In 2020, he defended PFI saying the organisation was ”saving India’s constitution”. Sarwar Chishti said, “The situation in the country right now, is such that people are committing blasphemy. They are doing mischief in the glory of the Prophet, in the glory of the Khwaja. We will not tolerate this at all. We will launch such a massive agitation that the whole Hindustan will shake.” The connections of Kanhaiya Lal’s killers Mohammad Riaz and Mohammad Ghaus have come to the fore from Khadim Gauhar Chishti of Ajmer’s Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti’s Dargah.




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