If I start talking about pollution, people will not care because there are more important things in the world like politics and the economy. Indians were offended when Trump in the presidential debate called India’s air “Filthy”, but you have to be blind not to agree with him.


How can you not talk about it, you can barely see anything, and it is extremely unhealthy. A good AQI (Air Quality Index) would be anything less than 50, and anything above 300 would mean hazardous. In Delhi it usually at around 400, and their best probably 350. Crop burning has a big part to play in this, as burning crops produces much more pollutants than you think. In the South, they do not use this method as much, which is why they have cleaner air. In Delhi however, the government are so “woke” that they figured out that actually firecrackers in specifically Diwali time contribute to the majority of pollution, and banning them will decrease much of the pollution. However, they ignore the real problem.

This hazardous pollution has an even bigger effect on people. It will increase the chances of you developing lung problems, and can decrease your time on Earth by 6 years.

Here are some photos of the sky in my home in the USA-

Trees are very useful when it comes to keeping air clean, Too bad India barley has any left.

Now here in comparison is Delhi-

Delhi with pollution down by 50%


Title Image: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/post-diwali-pollution-in-delhi-likely-to-be-lower-than-last-3-years-safar/articleshow/71786277.cms

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