Joe Biden is not playing with a full deck.  He is deranged, desperate and a hypocrite who has recently embraced the “beauty” of Jihad.  The man who voted to invade Muslim countries during his earlier time in politics has a dirty agenda.  He’s been busy brown-nosing Islamist Jihadis.  He has given up any and all autonomy to the members who are running his campaign and Biden’s campaign should now be called the Jihadi campaign for Islamic conversion of America.

Are you ready for President Biden to turn us into the Islamic States of America via Jihad which is so “beautiful” and “pure”?  One might experience the following under a Joe Biden Presidency.

Churches and Temples converted to Mosques
Are you ready to experience an American President pull an Erdogan on us?  The Jihadi President of Turkey turned Hagia Sophia – an ancient cathedral turned museum into a living mosque.  This move is a slap in the face of Christianity and anything remotely secular which Turkey might have dreamed to become.  This backward step is so blatant and disconcerting that even the corrupt, soul-less Chinese are condemning it in their sold-out media.  Are Christians, Jews, Hindus, and other faiths okay with President Biden converting their places of worship into mosques?  Are you prepared to  endure the noise pollution of azan call for prayers five times a day through loudspeakers mounted over light poles near your house?  If so, then get ready to vote for Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Tank tops to Hijabs
Are you someone who is ready to give up your femininity and empowerment and pretend that dressing in a burlap sack looking like an overheated penguin is the new cool?  Should the state tell you how to dress and conduct yourself in public?  Do you enjoy oppression in the guise of empowerment?  Not only will you not be able to wear what you want, but you will also be forced to keep yourself chaste and a virgin until some old hag three times your age desires to propose to you in exchange for 3 goats.  Forget the tank tops and blue jeans.  Your bigger problems will be horny uncles and his Jihadi offspring who would love to get their hands on you as their plaything or if you are lucky, a 4th wife.  Are you ready to live in the new-age Pakistani controlled Islamic States of America?  Then get ready to vote for Pakistani appeaser duffer Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Domesticated Wives and Cattle
First of all, if you have not been saving yourself, get ready to be pelted to death by stones.  How dare you talk about gender equality or sexuality?  Oh wait, you haven’t experienced Female Genital Mutilation because you were not born into a backwards Jihadi household?  Well, its never too late to experience this horrid torture.  Plus, you won’t feel a thing since you are “used goods.”  This is actually practiced in Islam which is oh so beautiful according to the clueless Democratic candidate Joe Biden.  Don’t worry, since there are more females than males in this country, Ahmed, Murat, Muhammad or his 20 cousins all named Muhammad will take you as their 2nd, 3rd, 4th bride or even better, a community mistress!  When they discard you, you will wish you were a goat born in Pakistan ready to be halal-ed and slowly bled to death for Eid!  Does any of this sound appealing to you?  Then get ready to straight ticket vote for the Islamic… errr… Democratic party candidate Joe Biden.

First grade Madrassa Education
Are you in college or have aspirations to attend college?  Or are you a millennial who has taken up bitching and being a social justice warrior or an internet troll as a full-time career?  No worries, you can enroll yourself in adult Sunday school classes to learn about your place in Jihadi hierarchy and obtain first grade brainwashing Madrassa education from any of the horny Imams who often forget to don undergarments on teaching days.  Who needs mainstream education anyway?  And down with real democracy!  If you are a female, your role is to be barefoot and pregnant and produce grade-A terrorists dedicated to the Caliphate.  If you are a male life is even easier as you are at the top of the food chain despite your low aptitude given your parents are first cousins.  Ensure your 7th century lifestyle in the Islamic States of America by voting for the Democratic party candidate Joe Biden.

Entertainment is Haram
Music is haram.  Singing is haram.  Playing instruments is haram.  Dancing is haram.  Acting, taking pictures, make-up, vanity, anything normal in your life is now haram.  Netflix is haram. Bacon is haram.  Your whole existence is haram unless you devote yourself to a fictitious no god but god.  Mistreatment, misogyny, polygamy, hatred towards non-binary, incest, halala is however allowed.

Still not convinced?  Simply ask a Kafir – a Christian, a Jew, a Buddhist, a Hindu, a Pagan, a Tribal what it feels like to have atrocities imposed on you generation after generation.  Convert or die.  This is what a Jihadi Joe Presidency entails.  The Communists, Socialists, Democrats, Jihadis are having an orgy around the world funded by demons named Soros, Omidyar and their ilk, and the next target is you.  Wake up or get ready to give up your life; basic human rights and personal dignity in the non Democratic Islamic States of America.

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