Hindu Historical Epics to be taught in Saudi Schools

Saudi Arabia is set to include the Indian Historical Epics – Ramayana and Mahabharata in their new school curriculum.¬† This is part of Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s new vision to bring changes to the education system of his nation.¬† Inclusion of these epics have received attention worldwide as it shows that diplomacy between Saudis and Bharat seems to be working in both directions.¬† It is difficult to even teach historical shastras in Indian schools so this is definitely a big initiative.¬† Perhaps India will be inspired to learn Secularism from the Saudis?

Saudi’s Yoga MoU with India

Another big announcement¬†coming from Saudi Arabia is the adoption of formal yoga standards in the country and a memorandum of understanding (MoU) is signed with India to formally establish yoga protocol standards for the fast-growing practice of yoga in Saudi.¬† These standards will of course be suitable according to the practices of the land – Islam – but at the same time, attempt to keep the core philosophy¬†of yoga at heart.¬† This is a smart initiative for both sides as Saudi surely doesn’t want people to turn kafirs via practicing yoga and at the same time, they will let true, or original protocols and practices taught and implemented.¬† This will provide the maximum benefit to yoga teachers and practitioners; they will bypass all the jazzy cat, dog, (insert a wacky business idea) fake yoga practices which have gripped the west.

Saudi Stance on Rohingya Muslims

Third and equally important announcement coming out of Saudi Arabia is the stance on the security of Rohingya Muslims and recognition of their basic rights which include full citizenship and provision of favorable conditions for voluntary and safe return to Myanmar.¬† Saudi’s point person to the United Nations indicated during a recent General Assembly meeting that the current crisis¬†in Myanmar cannot be ignored.¬† Rohingyas residing in Saudi Arabia are afraid of deportation as they are deemed as stateless entities.

Enough of noise pollution by Mosque loudspeakers

Fourth big step taken by Saudi Arabia is re-visiting the Hadithis and determining to reduce the volume of loudspeakers in mosques.  This is an attempt to bring about many changes in society and does both Рpaying attention to modernity and also highlighting the roots Рthere were no loudspeakers in ancient Arabia and the loud calling to prayer was in vogue when people were not all congregated and living in congested areas.  

Many argue that downgrading yoga to physical exercise, etc., is not good and showing Muslims in India what is legitimate and not legitimate via the way of Saudi Arabia is not a good idea.  Regardless, time will tell how these ideas and policies are implemented.

Jai Shree Ram,  Mohammed bin Salman bhai.  

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