The organisation “Prophet Bajinder Singh Ministries” which aims to convert non Christians into Christinity announced that it is going to start its new branch in Moga on 25th of November.

The information about the event was given through the official YouTube channel of Bajinder Singh. The advertisement in the YouTube stated that Pastor Bajinder Singh will be doing miracles at the event and will cure people from illness, be it Cancer or disabilities. An invitation of “Prophet Bajinder Singh Ministries” started to roam around in the social media which said that Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi and famous Actor Sonu Sood will be the Chief Guest of the event which will take place on 25th of November. Charanjit Singh Channi, Congress MLA Harjot Kamal, actor Sonu Sood and his sister Malvika Sood made into the list.

Pastor Bajinder Singh is this same person who is indulge in activities of converting people to Christianity through wrong means. Few Months ago, a video featuring Bajinder Singh “Mera Yasu Yasu “went viral in which it could be easily seen that Bajinder Singh was it legally and wrongly using minor children to convert non Christians into Christianity. A video surfaced on social media where Christian missionaries were using a kid to propagate their conversion propaganda. Activist Anshul Sexena On 27th of August filed a complaint against Pastor Bajinder Singh to NCPCR through his tweet how Pastor Bajinder Singh used a minor boy for missionary conversion tactics after his video got viral in the social media.

It should be noted that the sister of Sonu Sood, Malvika Sood is going to contest the upcoming polls of Assembly elections in Punjab and also many people say that Charanjit Singh Channi is actively following Christinity and is Christian.

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