Unheard, Shocked and isolated Captain must have been ruing his wisdom, when five years ago, he consented to the entry, rehabilitation and recognition of Siddhu into Congress.

If Public memory could be retrieved, Siddhu was grossly insulted, disempowered and distressed in the BJP way back five year ago. He demitted BJP without any shelter. He was stripped of his electoral constituency, his legislative responsibility and political ideology. He had previously chosen some of the most contemptuous adjectives for Congress party and its senior incumbent with no hesitation yet suddenly those all turned out to be valueless and meaningless in the eyes of BJP think tank. A bruised Siddhu whose oratory was the signature till date was now cowering into a shell of silence. Me today ostracized for whose mercy???

Perhaps Lord Krishna was watching all this from somewhere. Nothing moves without his consent. Never could the human deciphered his flute and smile.

Captain buoyant at his political acumen and rusty leadership must have melted that evening, when he consented to all proposals to heal and recuperate Siddhu in Congress Camp. Post-election, there was reward for the winning side and perhaps a special one was kept for Siddhu. Captain showed his very big heart yet again.

Animosity, malice, acrimonious murmuring gradually started spoiling the broth. Why, perhaps no one had an answer! What was Objective? It largely remained undefined. Perhaps such was the emerging distasteful distance that no third towering personality could intervene to know even, why? It deteriorated and was so damaging. Verbal attack and silent conspiracy turned out to be a daily affair. 

Dirt of the political drain stinks far nastier than any gutter. The ripples of damage are like X ray damaging periphery yet unseen. No one could realize the gulf of distrust that emerged between the two.

Time continued. The silent Swag of Power speaks louder than any poetic imagination. Captain having completed his full tenor as administrative head, perhaps wanted comforting camaraderie, leadership approval and acceptance of his moral invincibility. Perhaps little more that could have complemented his long journey of Political career.

Why so unceremoniously? What transpired within the closed door? Who all deserted him?  

The lonely Captain just glanced at a moving frame on the TV news channel of his adversary Siddhu. In his new incarnation, Smiling Siddhu was looking like a smirking Siddhu, his sweet honey mellifluous tongue was crass and brazen to him.

Oh my God, What I did? Cannot be undone now? Repenting hours in life are very painful.  

Siddhu, as maverick as before, as dashing as before and as beaming as before, had sky under his feet. In a political career spanning nearly two decades, Siddhu was never so elated. Displaying his political sagacity he was meeting his supporter and approaching his adversary. Tall talk, big promise and perhaps Himalayan confidence were radiating all around

Success blinds your faith in nature and God. In an hour of triumph, wisdom leaves you alone at times.

Next Six month, would he prove himself to be one like Cursed Chariot warrior Karn or unblemished Abhimanyu or triumphant like Arjun, who survived all odds to reclaim his crown.

Election of Punjab due in next six month is sinking into a quagmire. Individual arrogance, community pride and non-state actor’s conspiracy has polluted the otherwise aura of Mustard field. Both famous and infamous names are in the ring.

Shall see if the Quagmire gets sanitized and fearless heroism of Punjab emerges out of it. 

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