France is moving to shut six mosques and break up ten Islamic associations and two Islamic publications who are committed in producing radical Islamist propaganda.

The Interior Minister GĂ©rald Darmanin told Le Figaro newspaper that a third of the 89 places of worship “suspected of being radical” had been investigated since November 2020. Under this investigation, 6 mosques, 10 Islamic Associations and 2 Islamic publications who were indulged in propagating the radical Islamist propaganda will be closed down from the security point of view of France. Darmanin stressed that French security services had bolstered their surveillance in recent years as part of the country’s fight against Islamic “separatism”. 2 Islamic publications are also being targeted and closed because of their association with the Islamist propaganda. The two publications are Islamist publishers Nawa as well as the Black African Defence League (LDNA). Darmanin accused Nawa, based in the southern French town of Ariege, of “inciting the extermination of Jews and legitimising the stoning of homosexuals”. Meanwhile he said the LDNA “advocated hatred and discrimination” – adding that in the coming year, a further 10 associations would be dissolved. The French government is determined to target the Islamists and the associations who have themselves indulged in radical Islamist activities. French government is taking tough steps against Islamism after the killing of teacher Samuel Paty who was beheaded by a Islamist.

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