Days after violent demonstrations erupted in Bihar over the Agnipath initiative that was launched on 14 June, Bihar state police raided the coaching centre and the residence of Dr Motiur Rahman Khan, popularly known as Guru Rehman.

Guru Rehman is suspected of inciting violence at Danapur Railway station. A frantic crowd of army hopefuls besieged the railway station and set trains on fire on June 17.

Post the violent protests, five persons were arrested for vandalizing public property. “I was opposing Agnipath because children all around the country were opposing it since no one knew what the concept was or tried to explain it,” Rahman claimed in his defence. However, I’ve always advocated for nonviolence.”
According to reports, Bihar police collaborated with the Income Tax Department to raid Guru Rahman’s home and coaching centre. On June 17, the online instructor called for a ‘Kranti’ (revolution) in a social media post, according to Times Now (the day of violence at Danapur railway station).

He’s been charged with instigating his students to leave their homes and get on the streets. The video was posted on a Youtube channel called ‘Live Cities Media Private Limited’ on June 16th.

He later apologised and urged people not to destroy trains or engage in acts of violence and destruction. Guru Rahman questioned the privatisation of the railway sector and claimed that certain “misguided” Agniveers may create havoc on the country with an $11 million fund and weapons training.
He demanded that the JP Andolan of 1974 be repeated. It may be remembered that Jayprakash Narayan mobilised students in Bihar and organised protests against the state’s misrule.
“I am a Bihar native.” I’m not going anywhere. “I pledge my support to all students who are protesting,” Rahman was overheard saying. He had warned, “The youth will overthrow the regime.”

Guru Rahman runs Adamya Aditi Gurukul, a coaching institute where he allegedly trains kids for competitive exams and claims to have produced IAS, IPS, IRS, and CTO officers.
He has a PhD in ancient history and culture and a triple MA in ancient history and culture. For the past 28 years, the online instructor has also taught physical classes. Rahman is married to Amita, a Hindu woman, and they have two children, Adamya Aditi and Abhigyan Arjit.

His coaching centre is named after his children. He claims to have taught over 10,000 kids (all from low-income families) and charges between 11 and 100 rupees per class. Law enforcement officials are now looking into Guru Rahman’s activities.


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