As we all know nawabzaade Rahul Gandhi has already made his name through his humorous speeches and with his low intelligence. Time and again Rahul Gandhi made sure that his coming speeches must sound more dumb than his previous ones. Recently Rahul Gandhi lied about the covid vaccination drive and said that majority of Bharat population is still unvaccinated which doesn’t hold water.

Rahul Gandhi on 22nd of December took to Twitter and tweeted “Majority of our population is still not vaccinated. When will GOI begin booster shots? “. Rahul Gandhi in his claim shared the data presented by Ndtv which said, at the current vaccination rate 42 percent of the population will be vaccinated at the end of December.

But here we need to understand the real numbers by using our common sense which Rahul Gandhi surely lacks. Bharat along with many countries are running a vaccination drive for the citizens who are above the age of 18 but Rahul Gandhi and Ndtv is their statistics even used the population of children and kept the total population as the base. In Bharat around 40 Percent of the population comes below the age of 18 years and therefore they are not eligible for vaccination program. Therefore Rahul Gandhi or Ndtv should have considered taking only the population of adults as the total population. As per the current stats, Bharat already vaccinated majority of its population.

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