Randeep Surjewala this morning held a press conference where he categorically stated that the Indian National Congress is planning to create one more Shaheen Bagh in order to change the unit of mass from Kg to liter. He also pointed out that Indian National Congress is firm in its decision to end the monopoly of Kilogram. Surjewala lashed out at Kilogram and called the unit a Brahminical patriarch.

Recently Halla Bol rally was taken out by Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi against the BJP government at the Center regarding inflation and unemployment. But unfortunately more than the issues discussed in the rally, Rahul Gandhi’s statement made big headlines when he said that nowadays flour has become Rs 22 a liter.

Rahul Gandhi is being ridiculed on social media platforms for this statement. While lashing out at BJP in his speech, Rahul Gandhi said that in 2014, flour was Rs 22 a liter but now flour has become Rs 40 a liter.




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