The India Today has reportedly decided to penalise serial liar and fake news fabricator Rajdeep Sardesai, Consulting Editor of India Today, to take him off the air for two weeks and deducting one month’s salary.

India Today has resorted to let Rajdeep get off cheaply as it is facing the ire of the nation over fake news peddled by Rajdeep Sardesai on 26 January, when the capital was submerged in violence by Khalistani terrorists and going on a rampage all over the capital under the pretext of a Tractor Rally.

Rajdeep Sardesai on air claimed that a young farmer named Navneet, driving a tractor and part of the farmers protest was shot in the head by the Delhi Police. He even tweeted the Tri-colour wrapped dead body of the young man calling him a martyr and claiming protestors are angry and saying his sacrifice would not go in vain. He also demanded to know which Policeman shot this young farmer.

Thankfully, before his lies could fuel further riots they were called out by other nationalist journalists on the ground with a video of the event which showed that the said farmer died because of his own aggressive violent action of driving in break neck speed and banging on a barricade which made the vehicle turn turtle breaking his neck and death.

Their was a demand by all nationalists citizens of India to arrest Rajdeep Sardesai for inciting riots as free speech and freedom of press does not give one a license to spread hate, lies and incite riots in an already tense situation.

India Today should have sacked him permanently rather than give this light blink and miss punishment to Rajddep Sardesai. India Today under Arun Poorie, who is himself an anti-Hindu Sonia Gandhi stooge considering the kind chat shows he had with her during their gala meet earlier, seems to have taken this step to save India Today from being fined heavily or even losing their license due to legal notices sent to them by various aware citizens and legal organisations.

Find below the twitter reports of action on Rajdeep by Asianet News and also a screen shot of the news in The Wire, a commie rag forced to report on their own friend.

The Wire Report Stating Rajdeep Sardesai Penalised by India Today To Face A Cut Of One Month’s Salary & Taken Off Air For Two Weeks For Peddling Fake News

The Central Government should bring new directives to book journalists for peddling fake news which incites riots with jail terms not less than seven years and they should be debarred for life from being employed in any media agency just as other professionals like Advocates, Architects, Doctors etc. are barred from practicing their profession when they commit fraud in their professions.

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