Oprah is back. Kind of. She is trying to become relevant again, competing with other idiotic social justice woke warriors in show biz. She sent 500 CEOs a copy of an idiot book ‘Caste’ which basically compares America’s racial hierarchy to not just Nazi Germany but also to India.

My high school coach, an African American man used to clown on Oprah and his argument was that she is extremely out of touch with reality. Reality of actual struggles of Blacks in America! He used to claim that she is an idiot. I used to get offended at this being brown myself, but now I fully understand and agree with his assessment.

Caste is a European construct. Caste was and is used by the Christian mafia masquerading as missionaries. Missionaries want to convert Hindus because they love Hindus so very much. Oprah, why don’t we talk about White, Christian atrocities in India who have been weaponizing against Hindus using the caste narrative?

Oprah is talking out of her big behind, as if she understands the concept of caste. Having zero clue about caste from the Indian perspective, she is fueling the hate-fires against Hinduism, Hindus and their way of life, which she probably perceives as social inequality.

Ignorant to the core, she is trying to revive her book club by pushing a fictional account about caste. She neither understands caste nor has she tried. She is simply peddling the fake crap which has been fed to her as cool aid.

Oprah should be talking about how she has managed to overcome racial barriers in Hollywood and broken the glass ceiling. Instead, she is desperately trying to stay relevant in an age where the media is dominated by those half as young and skinny as her. The comeback is grounded in lameness and untruths. Hollywood is understood to be a superficial industry. Oprah, your brain doesn’t need to operate at superficial capacity just because you are in Hollywood.


Best of luck recycling the caste garbage. There are many who fake the narrative much better than you. And they don’t need a book club to do it.

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