Over nearly last decade we have seen many uprisings where common people have revolved against corrupt dictatorships. Though many of the dictatorships were not officially communists, they had every signature of communist dictatorships.

One such example is Syria. The Syria, though is not a communist country officially, is a dynasty based dictatorship. The Assad family has been ruling since 1973. There all the businesses are controlled by the Govt. OR by relatives of the Assad family, which is a typical symptom of a communist plutocratic dictatorship (like Russia and China).

In this article I will list the nations where such revolutions have occurred and the ruling dictator is either overthrown or the revolutions are still ongoing or a revolution could soon occur.

  1. India: Remember the great scams that had occurred in the UPA I regime which came to public light in UPA II regime. The first family of India was on a spree of amassing wealth using which it could rule India. I foresee, the natural next step would have imposition of emergency and abrogation of constitution. This is what all dictators had done (for e.g. Syria). Typically all dictators amass money before destroying democracy. But the Anna Hazare movement came, the Govt was voted out and Indian democracy was saved.
  2. Pakistan: Pervez Musharraf had grabbed power in 1999 military coup immediately after the Kargil war. The Legislature was suspended, powers of courts were reduced. But eventually, people protested against the military rule. Musharraf aware of the fact that if he stays in power, the protests could become bigger, quits power and lets an elected govt. in. Though the Army exerts considerable influence over Govt. its direct powers over country’s governance have reduced.
  3. Libya: This nation was ruled by a military dictator (Mu’ammar Al-Qadhdhāfī) for more than 3 decades. Due to rampart corruption and low standards of living (as a lot of Oil money was spend on sponsoring terrorism). Arab Spring starts in 2011. Qadhdhāfī wants to suppress the revolt violently. A civil war starts and he loses the war and is finally killed on 20th Oct 2011. Even his heir apparent (daughter) was not seen after that date till now.
  4. Egypt: This nation was ruled by a military dictator (Hosni Mubarak). The Arab spring starts in 2011, he is forced to resign in 2011. He died as recently 20th Feb 2020.
  5. Tunisia: This was also ruled by a dictator (Zine El Abidine Ben Ali). Here people revolted against him and he was finally removed from power.
  6. Syria: Syria is ruled by Assad family. Though it had a constitution, it was under Emergency since last 3 decades. Indira Gandhi was unsuccessful in continuing the emergency, but Hafeez-al-Assad was. During the Arab spring people protested against the Assad family which very soon snowballed in to Civil war. Assad though is in power, has lost control in vast swathes of territory. I foresee it a matter of time when the regime will collapse as the family is extremely unpopular.

Which all communist/dictatorial regimes are in pipeline to collapse?

  1. Iran: Iran is ruled by Khamenei with an iron hand. Due to US sanctions, corruption by the regime and lack of democracy (though there are elections, the real power is in hands of Khamenei), there have been many protests calling to end the Khamenei rule. The Oil money is mostly spent on sponsoring terrorism. The recent protests are the most violent and may spiral in to civil war.
  2. Cuba: Cuda has been ruled by the family of Fidel Castro since last 6 decades. Very recently after the COVD 19 crisis, people have started protesting against the dictatorship and asking for democracy.
  3. Myanmar: This nation has been ruled by Military for a long time till 2011. Again by a coup, the military has come back to power. There are violent protests against the military rule and the protests have started to spiral in to a civil war.
  4. Thailand: This nation has been ruled by Military for a long time. Even now though it has a parliament, the real power lies in hands of King and military who also control major businesses also. There have been violent protests (which have subsided due to COVID), but you never know when they will rise again.
  5. Russia: Russia is being ruled by Putin since last 2 decades. There have been protests against Putin. Once a substitute to Oil is found, the protests will become violent and he will lose power.

So it is amply clear that all communist or non communist dictatorships are on way for their inevitable downfall.

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