So poisonous was the campaign against vaccination in Lutyens Media, Opposition and its digital lackeys that India’s population at large avoided taking the shot in initial months, a careful collating of research has revealed. 

From Akhilesh Yadav’s jibe that “BJP’s vaccine” to “not-confident-to-urge-people-for-vaccine by Chhatisgarh: to constant needling by Rahul Gandhi which led to the accusation that he was lobbying for Pharma companies etc, a concerted disinformation campaign led to poor turn-out at a vaccine centres, leading to criminal delay at inoculation besides wastage of millions of vaccine doses. 

Yadav perhaps demonstrating what his privates are unable to do – stay erect.

An IITian’s (@vbanno) research has been highlighted on twitter by one Sharad Bishnoi who claims that since the vaccination plan was rolled out on January 15, “the intelligentsia, non-BJP political parties, NGOs all started speaking in the media that there is insufficient date on its efficacy, it is fake and we will not get it done.”

The research has pointed out that the “media also launched a movement against the Indian vaccine.” In support, the research points out the number of times media published articles against the vaccine: Indian Express (182 times), Loksatta (172), Navbharat Times (236), Hindustan Times (123), Times of India (28), The Wire (78), The Print (59), The Scroll (122), Newslaundry (54), The Hindu (128) and AltNews (78).

Then comes the long list of Opposition leaders/political parties who spread venom against the vaccine: Congress (58), Samajwadi Party (17), Shiv Sena (27), DMK (13), CPM (12) and TMC (12). 

NGOs were no better. Founders and employees of 265 major NGOs spoke against the vaccine. No less tan 172 retired IAS, IPS, judges and other government officials also came out against the vaccine. No less than 342 cartoons were produced in opposition to the vaccine. 

This led to fear and confusion among the masses. They began to believe that “vaccine is not safe and hence is not to be taken. When vaccination began from 15 Jan, only a few people used to come to the vaccine centres. On a couple of days, some vaccination centres reported only 2-3 vaccinations,” the thread on twitter reveals. 

“If you look at the long lines for vaccines in Mumbai today, hundreds of people above 60 years are also seen.”

The research claims that somebody should go to these people above 60 years and ask them that since March when there were no crowds and vaccine doses were going waste, why did they not get the vaccination done then?

“Similarly, the HCWs (health care workers) and FLWs (Front Line Workers) now queuing up didn’t want it January onwards when it had opened up exclusively for them.”

The thread closes with the assertion that but for the fear created by these newspapers and politicians, “several million doses of vaccines were wasted, new orders were delayed, production capacity expansion didn’t take place.”

“Today, these same agitators/protestors against the vaccine are going to get vaccinated quietly,” the thread concludes. 

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