I saw the news how SC “reserved” from passing a ban on Eid but over-enthusiastically and strictly banned Kanwar Yatra. I am sorry, I find this highly objectionable. I was told when a judgement is passed by The Hon. SC , it was applicable and binding ALL over India ? So why is Kerala allowed to overrule that judgement which banned Kanwar Yatra ? Why did SC not take acrtion against Kerakal Govt but only express concern and express concern ? Is Kerala Govt above SC ?

Sorry to speak my mind , but it is incidents like these which make up doubt the integrity , impartiality and powerplays behind the Hon Judges and their judgements /acts . Lww is law, black and white , it should not see color, race, caste , class, religion or parties affected. As a common citizen , it shakes my faith in the highest level of judiciary when they show such colors of minority appeasment . As a tax paying ordinary person it makes me question the knowledge, impartiality and intentions of Hon. Judges . Yes it does.

It was fine till political parties worked to appease minorities (to get their votes) but to see the highest level of judiciary cave into it is not only baffling but very shocking . I understand in the age of being labelled and being cancelled , everyone likes to play safe , even though it means to bend to the masses and cross lines of equality .

Yes such obvious double standards , based on religious ground will make every common citizen question the intent , integrity and impartiality of Hon . Judges. As a taxpayer , I have a right to question anyone , specially if their salaries are paid from the taxes that I pay and whose work reflects partiality . The citizens are watching and seeing everything , everyone is angry .

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