Post Second World War, there was certainly an order to restore and maintain peace worldwide. The routine aspersion as weak, timid and indecisive UN and its associated institution could be an intellectual utterance, yet it sincerely created a platform where dialogue appeal and unanimity were explored.

The role of the USA in restoring, strengthening and financing this institution remained unparalleled. There are many unsung moments of Great American tradition that ensured mammoth financial aid to weak poor countries and impoverished citizens of the globe for so many decades.

The US instituted a culture which had hallmarks of education, Research, Development and Welfare. Most of the educated and aspiring citizens of the world flocked to the US to fulfill their dream. Many countries in the world followed the US model of Welfare state.

Despite frequent criticism of the US on participating and ensuring cold war, arms race, space war, Environmental degradation and military expedition in several nations,    US had remained committed to the larger goal of Freedom of speech and World order all these years. The Military might of US its financial muscles ensured the presence of US armed personnel in some of the most disturbed zones. NATO and the UN mission drew its disproportionate strength from the US only.

To the numerous Military war lord of Africa, druggy dictator of Latin America and vicious Jihadi inspired nation of Middle East, if there was any one to tame check and deter, it was American fire power. So many military bases across the globe brought infamous criticism as International COP for the US, but it certainly paved the way for a peaceful coexistence for many decades.

Now the time has changed. First Trump and now President Biden are both committed and willing to withdraw from direct military intervention. Unlike in the past they are operationally defensive and largely a withdrawn military despite regular provocation. The US is about to withdraw from Afghanistan. It has remarkably been defensive in its operation against Iran, Syria Yamane and Iraq. It showed no intention to intervene in Turkey and Egypt either despite the diplomatic offensive stand of Erodogen.  North Korea almost challenged and openly castigated the US, Yet US decided not to retaliate. China’s provocation in the South China Sea is not unknown, yet the US had maintained its diplomatic engagement only. Israel is a flash point and the US had been only offering palliating words and appeal instead of any supportive action to its oldest and most trusted allies.

What next, the defensive and withdrawn stand of the US will be construed as its military and financial weakness? Nation with a rogue and dictator head of state would surface to engage in vituperative and undiplomatic utterance. Local war, Civil war and crime against women will see a routine rise. Afghanistan and Palestine are first from the block to challenge the orderly life. One can witness bloodbath and unending cycle of violence across these troubled lands.

No nation including the US is leading the world as a super cop. World is a lot more democratic in sharing power and military responsibility. Who will take this uncivil world now? Who will take these rogue nations henceforth?

The UN is toothless in absence of US military might. Russia and China have never behaved as responsible and collaborative forces in taming these wretched elements. World certainly will not be a beautiful place to live. Wait to see how the emotive citizen, scoundrel leadership, Sold intellectuals and manipulative military destroy pockets of globe. Innocent helpless and hapless citizens will die. The gruesome killing of 86 Shia Muslim Girl child in Afghanistan outside a School and subsequent silence of the world leaders is liking opening preface of more insidious and bloody story to unfold. So sorry at the plight of Women and Children in the impending World War amidst the retreating America.   

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