A person was arrested for possession of cocaine in 2001. Though it was 9 gms and the case came under narcotics act where he would go to jail for 10-20 years. He somehow managed to show it was less than 1 gm and got lesser punishment under drug rehabilitation law and he went to drug rehab for an year.

But in reality it was a big drug deal of 9 kg cocaine which was supposed to be delivered to a pop singer, son of a politician and an actor at an HSBC ATM at Bandra

1 kg cocaine cost 1 crore roughly and it hardly takes 10000 rupees to manufacture. Hence with 10000 percent profit the trade is so lucrative and they take so much risk to move it to end customer. 1 gm cost 10,000 rupees and they need lot of rich customers or desperate people to buy it.

So they have spread the business among all the movie industry in India
Mumbai is worst. Next is Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kerala. Infact Bengaluru drug mafia is run by one particular group from a southern state and some peaceful politicians in Bengaluru.

Their Modus operandi is different. They have setup few casinos in Sri Lanka
They have recruited some actresses to front it. So these actress arrange parties in casinos and all the rich folks and druggies go there and have rave parties.
The actresses get huge money. Hence minor actresses like Ragini and Sanjana who hardly made any movies were living like millionaires and they were fronting drugs for one Faisal who runs those casinos and is a close confidante of a peaceful politician who was also allegedly involved in Bengaluru Kothmirisoppu riot

Recently a Nigerian drug peddler was caught in hyderabad and he exposed lot of names in Telugu cinema. The case was hushed up by the mafia as they were too many biggies involved.

Coming back to Fardeen the cocaine dealer who supplied him was Aslam Sheikh and his distributor was Ghomes. In 2012 both were let off by Mumbai court saying police didn’t produce any evidence against them though they were caught red handed dealing with narcotics.

That is how the law enforcing authorities works in tandem with junky dealers.
Hence you see so much of support for Rhea from the law enforcing authorities. So the case had to be transferred to CBI and Narcotics Bureau.
There is huge money involved in drugs. So no local law enforcing authorities will kill the drug business as they make huge money in this. This drug money is put in movie business as it is easy to peddle drugs when movie walas are involved

In Bengaluru a rave party happened which they say is India’s biggest rave party and there were 4 prominent Movie actors involved. But even their names didn’t come out and the case was hushed as some neta’s sons were involved. IT capital and huge salaries and drugs what more do you need? And then the ghettos where retail peddling happens

The padarayanapura anti covid riots were instigated by local ganja dealer who happens to be peaceful lady as she was upset frequent visit by covid officials is hampering her trade

The drug money also finances movies as it is easy to make black money white and also it involves lot of cash

Next the money is also fronted on jewellery business as it is easy to send money out
Now join the dots – Fardeen Khan and his dad are in movie business
Fardeen hasn’t made a move in ten years and how is he making a living so luxuriously ?
Farah Ali Khan this lady is a cousin of Fardeen and is in Jewellery business and her hubby is a DJ who arranges disco parties

Kangana has openly claimed a prominent movie star who was her ex was snorting and even got admitted in a hosp due to over dose. His estranged wife who is cousin of Fardeen is also allegedly a cokey and she is also in jewellery and interior business with another movie star who is also supposed to be a junkey

Imagine this part time actor who hardly makes a movie in 3 years she plays supporting roles celebrated his birthday in Morocco and invited all the biggies in Bollywood.
The resort they stayed cost 2.5 lakhs per day and how can a Side actor make so much money to celebrate a birthday like that?

This guy is also very very upset on Rhea and is abusing Modi govt. He is very close to Farhan Akhtar and acted in his movies. And the Mercedes Benz which was used by Rhea to go to police station is owned by Zoya Akhtar. Would you give your car for a murder accused to go to court ?

Well if you think all this is just about some weed as depicted by drug mafia spokespersons Ungali bai and Tipseee. Think twice the whole drug mafia is controlled by D gang who live in paxtaan and that is how ISI makes money to fund terror in India. So we are paying them money to fund terrorism in our country. Hence all the movie drug mafia loves paxtaan so much. So Modi wants to dismantle this nexus.

Therefore, he brought Rakesh Asthana into Narcotics bureau and this SSR murder case has given a opening. Let us see how much they will break this nexus. In short this SSR murder is not about a silly Rhea. She is just a little fish In the ocean of drug mafia

Via Ajitha Santhosh : Image Credit – TheWeek

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