International pop star Rihanna, who is in news for posting a single tweet on payment of $2.5 Million by Khalistani Mo Dhaliwal’s PR agency Skyrocket for her paid support to the Khalistani propped farmers’ protest in Delhi’s Singhu Border.

The pop star, while trying to pass herself off as a human rights activist is in soup again for allegedly using mica mica from Indian mines where “child labourers work in dire conditions” in her cosmetics brand ‘Fenty Beauty’.

The Legal Rights Observatory filed a complaint against Rihanna with the National Commission For Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) on Friday, for investigation into the matter and tweeted about the same which is posted below.

As reported by The Print, the complaint said, “As per reports, US pop star Rihanna’s beauty product ‘Fenty Beauty’ uses blood mica from Jharkhand in which child labourers work in dire conditions.”

“To ascertain that the mica is free of child labour, there are certificate agencies. But media reports say that Fenty Beauty don’t have supply chain clearance certification (SCCC) from either of the two.”

The LRO demanded an investigation into the matter by saying, “With this letter, we would like to request you to investigate whether Fenty Beauty is using uncertified mica and if true then please start appropriate penal action against the company and its owners.”

Kanoongo reportedly stated that the NCPCR has sought response and clarification from the industry body, Responsible Mica Initiative (RMI). 

Kanoongo said,“We have received a response on email from RMI that the supply chain that provides mica to Fenty Beauty is not registered with them.”

When asked whether Rihanna has been served a notice, the NCPCR chairman reportedly stated, “We haven’t sent any notices yet. We are looking into the matter. We are committed to do whatever is required for protection of child rights. So far, we have received this written response from RMI on our query.”

So, this story amply displays the scant concern and sensitivity of these celebrities for human rights violations and child rights. For them showing up for a charity or tweeting for some cause, in this case the fake motivated farmers protest, is a money spinning and fame garnering business.

For the right price, Rihanna might also for the right kind of money be a propaganda vehicle for US’s long time bitter foe Russia or even China against her own country’s interest. In India we have dime a dozen of such fake activist starlets from the cheap Swara Bhasker to the costlier Deepika Padukone!


News Source: Tweets by LRO and related article on The Print dated 05.02.2021. Image sourced from The Print.

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