Silence among Politicians, Media and conscience keepers of society.  A deafening silence. Stone faced and tight lipped. Yes, No one will speak.

Who cares?

I say no one. Because you are a young Hindu, unorganized divided condemned by a lynch group who controls the Narrative within and beyond your country.

You are not murdered by an individuals, but by a well knitted lynching machine systematically. They are trained through the pages of History book, through the article of Editors and through the monologue of TV anchors who had sold themselves for a few dollars as slaves to their western fair skin master. They are financed, protected and glamorized by the same pay master.

Where is Law?

Nowhere. Rights of a Criminal is far more cherished than the right of Victim. Because you are dead and you cannot speak any more. A helpless Judge and Cowering Judiciary and defenseless Police cannot save you. Yes, never expect anything from Statesman. They are destined for far more pressing issues than your insignificant life.

Where is my constitution and Fundamental rights?

It is written in a majestic book and was not meant for you. You were under the wrong impression. Differential rights have been distributed. My children you were not lucky to have those rights. So you were shot or stabbed.

But Why me?

Hindu have died thousands ​death​. It is a mob of Ungrateful, self-serving, divided clowns. You are not Hindu but a caste Hindu. Yes caste has emerged. It is a sad story of broken promise and tradition. It is, because Hindu Society has failed their children. They have failed to teach to differentiate between Good and Bad. Enemy resides next door. But you do not have any idea. Enemy befriended you, you remained ignorant. Enemy is armed and you carry a bouquet of flowers. Perhaps you were too good and too simple.

Divided and rule!

You identify yourself as Brahmin, Rajput, Jat, Yadav, Paswan, Dalit and all from Communist, Jihadi and slave intellectuals will befriend you. The moment you claim yourself to be Hindu, you are communal and choiced abuses will be heaped upon you by the same who befriended just a while ago.

A Sad end of your Story. No one knows whom for, this author will write next ?

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