It is a strategy for Islamic republics to NOT take in Muslim refugees. The Muslim refugees are encouraged to conduct land jihad in kafir nations, instead.

Where is the funding coming from?

It is a well-known fact that the ‘displaced’ Rohingya are easily obtaining ration cards, ID cards and fake passports with the help of the Islamic networks to first establish stability in nations such as India and Nepal and then becoming empowered to purchase land via real estate brokers.


Real or fake, the Rohingya illegal migration issue is the biggest crisis facing India and Nepal as Islamic land Jihad continues in these two Kafir nations.

Bangladesh is the port of entry, so to speak for hordes of Rohingya settlers who easily make their way to big cities in India and Nepal. They are known to pay thousands of rupees in bribes in order to move out of settlements and into homes. These are suspicious activities and one has to wonder where the money is coming for!

Rohingya men are committing crimes against kafir women and there are ways that the ‘refugees’ have obtained voting cards to where they influence outcomes of elections in democracies. There is no oversight, no regulation and a false perception that this group is marginalized.

Balgladesh is Culprit

Other than wreaking havoc on Hindus within their borders, many Bangladeshis themselves have illegally settled in parts of India, including Assam where daily violence is observed between the native Assamese and the Bangladeshi Muslims. Bangladesh is not only failing at curbing illegal migration abroad but they are unable to (deliberately so?) contain the illegal migration of Rohingya’s from the camps outside of Chittagong. It seems chaotic and heart-wrenching but there are equally sinister plots at play when it comes to taking over kafir lands, property and abduction of women.

The truth needs to come out. Government of India and Nepal need to start tracing the money and keep track of the illegal populations within their borders.

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