Today we were shocked by the deeply saddening news of senior journalist and ace anchor Rohit Sardana’s death due to cardiac arrest when he was being treated for Covid. The second wave of the deadly pandemic has caused a havoc in Delhi and many other areas in the north and Maharashtra.

Being an English news channel watcher, I was drawn to Rohit Sardana’s no-nonsense prime time shows when I accidently switched on Zee News seven years ago at 5 pm and saw his ‘Taal Thok Ke’ program. His unbiased grilling of political leaders across all parties and straight forward style of seeking accountability from public servants was very refreshing.

His aversion to minority appeasement ideology for vote-bank politics, no tolerance to subversive Naxal-Maosist ideology and absolute abhorrence to pandering secessionist jihadi mentality of Kashmiri Muslims warmed the hearts of millions of viewers.

Most importantly, he was not ashamed of his Hindu identity, traditional values and culture. His love for the Hindi language and insistence on not succumbing to the mad rush for adopting English or for that matter, any other foreign language like German or French to make a successful career in life also endeared many of his viewers.

Many viewers like this author seldom ever watched ‘Aaj Tak’ Hindi channel or the India Today English version due to a deluge of anti-Hindu, leftist biased anchors running propaganda one sided talk shows, where there would be no room for an alternative point of view.

Rohit Sardana’s shift from Zee News to Aaj Tak saved the channel from going to total oblivion, with his very popular debate show Dangal. Rohit would be very sorely missed by his viewers and section of people who like to call a spade a spade in an unbiased fashion.

I remember Rohit once saying, that he was very enthusiastic about the India Against Corruption (IAC) movement when it began with Anna Hazare as its face, as he like every nationalist citizen was fed up with the humungous scams in public life and governance and truly wanted accountability.

Being an idealist, he brought his three year old daughter at the IAC’s Ramlila Maidan gathering to teach his daughter the value of honesty, democracy and probity in public and personal life. We all now know that the IAC was a hoax of Arvind Kejriwal to launch his dubious political career which is seeped in all kinds of corrupt practices.

The so-called liberals, communists, News Laundry columnists, Islamists are devilishly gloating at the unfortunate demise of the very Dharmic and truthful journalist.

Their perverse glee shows that how the battle is not just ideological but the battle is between Hindu haters who would like the complete annihilation of Hindus and an ancient civilization fighting for its pride and survival.

My deepest condolences to Rohit Sardana’s family and his young daughters, whose father was a rare shining crusader of truth and accountability in the journalistic world of sycophants.

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