On 27th of August activist Anshul Sexena NCPCR through his tweet how Pastor Bajinder Singh used a minor boy for missionary conversion tactics after his video got viral in the social media.
After the complain of Anshul Saxena , the Christian Conversion Mafia seems to be triggered . On 6th of September, a video was posted in youtube at the Masih pariwar channel in which a large number of christians were seen protesting and sloganeering against activist Anshul Sexena. The protest was organised by triggered christians in Jalandhar, Punjab. They even burnt the effigies of the activist . The protestors shouted ” Anshul Saxena murdabad” and demanded strict actions to be taken against him.

After the complaint was made by activist Anshul Sexena against Bajinder Singh for using a minor boy for his conversion tactics , Christian missionaries have repeatedly tried to trouble the activist. At first , the Christian missionary came up with a video in which the minor boy’s mother was shown where she stated that pastor Bajinder Singh performed a miracle and her daughter started to speak. But it should be noted that, the video had at least 6 cuts. Children are being abused for petty conversion propaganda because the Christian ecosystem is strong.

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