A week ago, a sacred chariot of Lord Nrusimha an avatar of Maha Vishnu was burnt down by a few miscreants in Antarvedi located in East Godavari in Andhra Pradesh.  Antarvedi is one of the sacred Hindu pilgrim centers in Andhra Pradesh. In fact Andhra Pradesh is the only state that has more temples dedicated to Lord Nrusimha. People in Telugu states flung to participate in dharmic rituals in Antarvedi. However, burning of a sacred chariot in the middle of night by miscreants has raked up insecurity among Hindus.

Sacred Chariot Burnt by vested groups

As we dig deep into the details, East Godavari has become a fast conversion hub for Christian evangelical groups under the Joshua project. Most of the people in this area are backward communities and fishermen. The Joshua project targets people living around the coastal belt and they slowly extend to colonies around the temple area. Despite the fact that millions of people visit every year, there is a rampant conversion in this area. This area has become a hot cake for Evangelical churches to  run their conversion agenda. This started in early 2000’s and picked up pace by mid 2000’s due to changed political administration.

Joshua Project & Non Profit Orgs

Latest info from Joshua project

Congress party soon after coming to power in Center and State has given permissions to several Non Profit organizations and as well Evangelical churches to set up their base in every village. People in villages especially in  Rayalaseema and Telangana have seen a huge rise in conversions due to dire situation. Thousands of People belonging to Weavers, Farmers were suicided due to lack of money and debts. The aim of Joshua project is to get people into their side by offering them money and needful. As I remember, an entire village in Andhra Pradesh got converted into christianity due to lack of water and their helplessness  was taken as an advantage and the church offered them water tankers everyday.. The problem is as simple as it was but the situation made them helpless.The wide open doors from 2004 until 2014 made thousands of Non profit organizations to set up their bases in almost every Taluk headquarters and started their agenda through gathering funds from people and private corporations in the name of charity. Use the money for forced conversions. Although this incident is just one of the many in recent times that  Hindu Temples are being attacked. In fact, a year ago some miscreants belonging to Muslim community desecrated a Shiva Temple by running human Urine on the deity.

Propaganda of Secular groups

Although, Jagan Government in Andhra Pradesh has ordered a CBI enquiry about the incident, the big question is whether CBI will accept this enquiry? Despite the fact that State BJP made a huge cry on the incident and millions of Hindus were angry , there are some secularists who trash this incident as a stray incident and don’t have to look into a big thing. The problem is that, if this happened to a Church or a mosque it would have been a different scenario.. Secular Hindus along with Christian groups run a parallel narrative on TV channels and other Social media that the incident doesn’t have to be taken seriously and instead blame BJP for making it a communal. The question is, will the same secularists remain calm when a similar incident happens to a church or mosque. These secular groups with established channels, print media and feed secular stories everyday to make them believe they are correct. However, the underlying part is, Hindus are losing their Right to practice their religion.

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