In the modern era of literature, we witnessed many state and national level award winning writer peddling blatant Hinduphobia In their numerous poems and statements, But now it’s seem to be best way to get award and recognition.

Last year a poet named Rajendra Kishore Panda from odisha who is a Sahitya Academy awardee on one of his Facebook posts on Ram Navami wrote on Maa Sita, “In Ashok Vana, you were desirous of being raped by Ravana, and yet you cleared the Agni Pariksha easily, you cannot be trusted.”


Post his insult and blatant hatred towards the revered Maa Sita, many Odias raised their voice against him on SM last year.

Now, this same poet who had ridiculed Maa Sita in the name of ‘intellectualism’ has been chosen for Sarala Samman’ . The award will be conferred on 2nd April, where honourable vice president of India M.Venkaiah Naidu will be chief guest.

I humbly request the Vice President to review the decision of being guest of a forum in which Hindu gods and Hindu customs are being targeted in the name of ‘intellectualism’. Honourable office of Vice President must abstain from this bastion of UrbanNaxals for the repute & respect of the highest office.

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