Sariful Sheikh alias Sher Mohammed, a 26-year-old man from West Bengal, hacked off his wife’s right hand in the early hours of Monday, June 6 to prevent her from taking up a government job. Sariful Sheikh then proceeded to conceal the severed body parts at his home, ensuring that the physicians would be unable to reattach them.

The heinous crime took happened in the village of Ketugram in East Burdwan, West Bengal. Following the event, Sariful Sheikh has been missing. His family members followed suit and went into hiding shortly after.

Renu Khatun was sleeping when Sariful Sheikh alias Sher Mohammed and two of his friends allegedly used a machete to sever her hand. Renu was transported to a private hospital in Durgapur after two government hospitals referred her to Kolkata, according to the police. Her status has been described as stable yet serious.

The police have opened an investigation and a search operation to apprehend the accused after receiving a complaint from Renu Khantun’s father.

According to other sources, Sariful Sheikh aka Sher Mohammed was unemployed and took the severe measure out of fear of desertion because he was frightened she would leave him or be transferred to another location. According to other sources, he and his family were against the housekeeper going out to work and tormented her as a result.

“We have got a complaint from the woman’s father and launched a case of attempted murder,” Dhruba Das, the additional superintendent of police in East Burdwan’s Katwa, said. All of the defendants are on the run, including the woman’s husband and his buddies. There are raids underway to apprehend them.”

Khatun married Sheikh, who owns a grocery store in Kojalsa village in the district’s Ketugram area, in October 2017, according to the police. In 2018, Khatun began a nursing programme and was hired as a nurse in a private nursing facility in Durgapur, West Burdwan. Against Sheikh’s desires, she later applied for a government post.

On May 28 of this year, Khatun was nominated for a government position, which sparked a feud between the pair.

Finally, on the night of Sunday, June 5th, and Monday, June 6th, Sheikh committed this heinous act. “Ever since my sister received the state government’s appointment letter, Sher had been pushing that she rejects it,” Renu’s older brother, Ripon Sekh, told the newspaper. Renu, on the other hand, had always wanted to be a nurse and had refused. We had no idea Sher’s insecurity would turn out to be so awful.”

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