Islam is a religion of peace. It creates peace by killing people so that no-one can speak and there would be utter silence. That’s the true peace. Nobody has ever understood the true meaning of peace. People aren’t even trying. The world is witnessing so much of chaos and mess everywhere, in this difficult situation Islam stood up to its norms and took a step forward in creating peace on this planet. It came up with an unique idea – i.e. – how about murdering people! There will be no people, so there will be no chaos, there will be peace everywhere then. Everyone has to go to jannat oneday, so why not make this process fast forward and save the planet from unnecessary unrest. This was a divine idea one must say.

I sometimes get astonished at the reaction of people to this noble idea. Don’t know why people don’t understand it’s importance! They say killing people isn’t peace, they call it a crime. But what they don’t understand is that by filling this planet with unwanted people is the real disaster. The world is witnessing serious problems like Global Warming, Pollution. The crimes are increasing. And by killing people, we are doing a favour on them. The less will be the person on earth, the less will be the Chaos. Then we will achieve the True Peace. They should actually be thankful to us for this service of humanity, and should be ashamed of themselves as well for delaying in Calling us. We were always there to serve humanity. It is the need of the hour that they should help us in this great work. Allah has bestowed upon them an opportunity to show their calibre. If they don’t come and join us, them shame on them. We know the true path of peace. Allah has prescribed many ways of killing people in Quran. We are honestly applying those methods. And you won’t believe, we are getting results. Throughout the History, we have annihilated at least 67Million people. It’s a great service ❤️. We are happy with that. We want to carry on this service, we are ready to even die for it but the biggest hurdle in our way are the people who say that if killing people is the best way to create peace then why don’t you kill your own people! This is a very silly question. The people asking this don’t know that the ever increasing population of Muslims is not to be killed. This will deviate us from achieving peace. Countless Muslims, born like rabbits, are here to support this noble movement, how can we kill them. We will teach them the same strategy that we are following, and they will also join their hands in this noble cause of creating peace. Afterall Islam is a religion of peace.

Please don’t come in our way. We are very busy. If anyone will try to create problems for us, we will not tolerate. We will kill them also. Please try to understand the importance of peace. If we will not kill people then how we will attain true peace. People are stupid, first they oppose us then they ask why the peace is not achieved yet. Idiots, let us do what we are doing. We have Fastracked our services, as soon as someone goes against our verses, we kill them. It’s very entertaining 😂.

Surely, we will achieve the True Peace oneday.

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