In a shocking revelation , Kareena Kapoor Khan has decided to divorce Saif Ali Khan (who despite being born to a Hindu mother , is a Muslim and brings up his children as Muslim) .

When asked she said that keeping her agenda of naming her children after mass murderers , she wants to up her ante by naming her next child after Adolf Hitler. To fulfill that , she needs to marry a German Christian .

It may be noted that Kareena Kapoor khan faced a lot of criticism after naming her first child Taimur after an invader who did genocide .

Despite form the backlash for hurting the sentiments of local natives , she has named her second child after Mughal Jehangir who tortured and killed Sikh Guru Arjan Dev and did genocide fo Hindus .

It will be a fitting tribute to up her ante to name next child after Adolf Hitler , hence she had decided to take the next step.

We wish her all the best and would love to sponsor her next honeymoon to Israel .

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