Bravo, Talibans have conducted a press conference! They cheer and applaud the bearded specimen looking like humans. Thumbs down to Indian government for not following the examples of above specimen!

Who are these people? They are liberals. Well, that is what they like to call themselves. Doesn’t matter whether people think so or not.

The other day, they were having fits over Danish Siddique’s killing in Afghanistan. The fits of outrage were not against the killers, the Talibanis. They were instead aimed at RW Hindus. Because they were calling out and naming the real killers.

Now, Siddiqui is forgotten. He is relegated to an obscure corner of history as an insignificant footnote. Islamists have found their new heroes. The ones who kill others to establish Sharia and Islamic hagemony. Celebrating Danish Siddiqui was done in haste out of desperation. They wanted to make a hero out of him to somehow make Indians feel guilty about it. Killers, the victims and the agenda setters belong to the same cult of violence. But it’s Hindu RW that has to take the blame.

Now, they are euphoric over complete Taliban control over Afganistan. Happy that uncle Sam has fled the scene like a rat with its tail between legs. Happier still for Pakistan, a pure Islamic state, for having gained a leverage over the state of affairs in Afghanistan. Happiest secretly in their hearts with the prospect of Islamic forces getting together to bring a Hindu majority country, India, to bite the dust.

They don’t care how many women and girls are raped, stoned to death or kept as sex slaves. Makes no difference to them if children are kept out of education, denied toys and amusements, amusement parks are burnt down and museums and cinema halls are pulled down.

What matters to them is the establishment of a supremacist Islamic state. They get cruel satisfaction out of tales of misery Hindus and Sikhs are facing every day in Pakistan.

They wish all the above to happen sooner than later in India. But they are angry that a government currently ruling the country is hellbent on not allowing India to become another graveyard of Islamist violence like Pakistan and Afghanistan. They are angrier still at Hindus for getting more and more aware of their evil designs.

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