The Mantra given in our scriptures and repeated by our sages from time to time is “Service to Nation is Service to God.” It is critical to cultivate a “Nation First” mindset in order to protect the country from potential internal and external threats.
Greed triumphs over national sentiments and a broader vision for society and the nation. Even when participation in issues of national importance is required, many people ignore or avoid it because they believe that if the issue is not going to harm them personally, why should they care? Many people lack long-term vision and fail to recognise the dangers of today’s ignorance, which can harm the nation in future and, as a result, everyone.
Issues such as a specific community’s population explosion, weak or ineffective laws that are not appropriate for modern social conditions, an inadequate and rotten education system, conversion rackets, love jihad, economic jihad, constant attacks on cultural activities, festivals, and rituals, massive drug trafficking, naxalism, terrorism, and a strange mentality to oppose anything that is good for the country, and so on.

“Hindustan will be great in all respects when you produce people who sacrifice everything for the country and are completely sincere”.

  • Swami Vivekananda
  • The situation could have been much worse by now if organisations such as the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and its affiliated wings, as well as a few religious and spiritual organisations, had not fought and worked for the national cause. Many people have sacrificed their lives and many are working full-time for the social and national cause, in areas and situations where no one even thought to work, just to protect the motherland from internal and external threats and restore glory. The Swayamsevaks (volunteers) give their all to whatever work they are assigned, even if it involves a threat to life, destructive criticism, and, sacrificing personal and joyous life. They bring society together by abolishing caste, creed, and colour, and there are approximately 1,30,000 different seva activities which are needed for each section of society.
    If the challenges are not met in the coming years, the consequences will be disastrous for our future generations and nation. We have already been broken into several pieces in the past, and the plan is to break us down even further in order to destroy great culture and make us slaves once more. We must learn from history and prepare for any eventuality. Those nations that do not learn from history tend to fail in the future. Our history has been manipulated to portray some enemies as heroes while portraying many true freedom fighters in a poor light; this is how our minds have been poisoned and we have strayed from the path of nationalism and great culture. This systematic deterioration of mindset continues to cast doubt on society’s good and to believe in enemies and false narratives.
    Do we have an obligation to our society and country? Do we want future generations to curse us for not devoting enough time to national causes? Can we help to strengthen organisations like RSS by supporting and participating in their initiatives? Can we shift our priorities from “self first” to “nation first”?
    Can we study and spread good about organisations like RSS not for the sake of appreciating and respecting them, but to protect the nation and make it stronger socially, economically, and to reclaim its glory?
    RSS is a factory for the development of personal and national character. Current Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as well as many union cabinet ministers and chief ministers, have Sangh roots. The transformation taking place in every sector under PM Modi is admirable. His handling of a difficult situation is beyond comprehension. His work culture and tireless efforts are unfathomable even for a young person. The 65 years of mismanagement and issues, some of which date back to the mughal and British eras, have been addressed in a systematic manner, with some issues resolved and others still being worked out. Despite the fact that the road ahead is difficult due to numerous internal and external challenges, he is dedicated to the national cause. Many people abuse him because they have been enjoying the rotten and corrupt system for years and are unable to change their mindset, which is harmful to the nation.
    Those who have worked in organisation for a long time can see both criticism and appreciation with equanimity. The Prime Minister, as well as many other ministers and RSS leaders, exhibit the same characteristics. Nitin Gadkari, who is admired by all sections for his outstanding work, was an RSS Swayamsevak. The beauty of RSS is that it supports anyone who believes in and works for a national cause and protecting our great heritage. RSS supports CMs like Yogi Adityanath and Himanta Biswa Sharma who are taking tough decisions and actions on the ground to protect the nation despite opposition from opposition parties and anti-national elements.
    PM Modi and CM Yogi are working not only on socioeconomic development, but also on restoring and developing lost culture and heritage. Kashi Vishwanath and Shri Ram temples are two examples of how this development has increased the majority of people’s confidence and happiness.
    Can you imagine, if a few trained and developed individuals can bring such a positive transformation in such a short period of time, if we all unite as a society and devote some time to national cause, no one can stop us from economically surpassing China and America, achieving strong social bonding, restoring great culture, achieving excellence in every field, destroying conversion racket, putting an end to naxalism and terrorism, and becoming a global superpower?

Our attention and time should be focused on the nation-building process, with the understanding that nothing is more important than the motherland, and that we are only safe if the motherland is safe from both internal and external threats.
We need wisdom to know who is on our side and wants a great nation, and who is out to destroy us by using freebies, creating a false identity, attempting to create caste differences, and pitting narrative against great culture.

Our sages expressed their feelings about the motherland, about our great identity, a long time ago. “Patriotism is the worship of God,” They proposed this thousands of years ago. That is why hymns to the motherland can be found throughout the Vedas, Upanishads, and Puranas.
Here are a few examples:
अहमस्मि सहमान उत्तरो नाम भूम्याम्‌।
अभीषाडस्मि विश्वाषाडाशामाशां विषासहिः।।
I am willing to go through any hardship for my motherland. I will conquer all directions (with her blessing).
यद् वदामि मधुमत तद वदामि यदिक्षे तद वनन्ति मा ।
त्विषीमानस्मि जूतिमानवान्यान हन्मि दो धत : ।।
I will speak up for the sake of my country. Whatever I want to do to make the motherland glorious, I will do it.

दीर्घं न आयु: प्रतिबुध्यमाना वयं तुभ्यं बलिहृत: स्याम II ६२ II
May we live a long time. May we gain superior knowledge and, if necessary, sacrifice our bodies for the sake of the motherland.
वयं राष्ट्रे जागृताम पुरोहिताः । (यजुर्वेद : ९/२३)
We, the intelligent citizens of our nation, will always be vigilant for the good of our nation.
We can learn from a small country like Israel, which has a population of only 85 lakh people but is surrounded by enemies. Nothing is bigger than the nation for every Israeli citizen, and when there is an attack on the country, they all join hands and fight to defeat the enemy, and they always succeed. When every person is patriotic, growth occurs in every field, including defence, science and technology, medicine, and agriculture, with a focus on research and development and maintaining great culture.
Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel quoted,
My Dharma is to keep you awake at all times by staying awake myself.

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