Sex Jihad as a tool to convert Hindus to Islam and turn them into radical foot soldiers of Caliphate is not limited to targeting Hindu women. There are plenty of examples where Hindu men have been lured for so-called love gradually converted to Islam, radicalised and turned into ISIS soldiers or intellectual proponents of converting India into an Islamic State.

Hindu men falling prey to Sex Jihad is reported less even by the pro-Hindu media, as the victim families are too ashamed to come out in public or report to the police.

According to media reports, the National Investigation Agency (NIA), central counter terrorism agency, interrogated on Saturday (24.07.2021), a 31-year-old Yousuf Aslam in Theni district, Tamil Nadu over his radical posts in social media for establishing a separate Khalifa nation hailing banned Islamist outfits. He is also an admin of a WhatsApp group which is working towards establishment of separate Khalifa.

Udayakumar Converts To Islam After Marriage With Muslim Girl, Becomes Radical Islamist

According to a NIA source, the NIA team visited Yousuf Aslam’s house. He lives with his wife and runs a biryani and mobile shop at North Radha Veedhi in Chinnamanur, Theni district, Tamil Nadu. Yousuf originally hailed from Madurai and his original name was Udayakumar. He fell in love with a Muslim girl and converted to Islam after marriage.

Udayakumar seems to have fallen well into the trap of Islamists, who not only converted to Islam lured by ‘love’ for a Muslim girl, but also has been brainwashed and radicalised to the extent of wanting to establish a Khalifa nation.

Yousuf Posted On Facebook Jihadi Khalifa Literature, Was Admin Of Jihadist WhatsApp Group

The NIA officials were reportedly closely monitoring the Facebook account of Yousuf for sometime. He is said to have been regularly posting Jihadist literature related to “sacrifices” of Muslims around the globe and exhorting to wage a Jihad to fight ”anti-Muslim” forces.

The Facebook contents also hailed banned Islamist terrorist outfits. He is also said to have posted material mooting the idea of establishing a separate nation, ‘Khalifa’. The NIA team reportedly seized few pen drives, a laptop, some SIM cards and three mobile phones. The NIA also scanned his bank account details.

Yousuf was picked up for interrogation as he was reportedly one among the five admins of a WhatsApp Group wanting to establish Khalifa nation.

NIA Questioned Other Admins of Jihadist WhatsApp Group

The NIA team also reportedly questioned another admin identified as Adbullah of the same Jihadist WhatsApp Group in Madurai earlier on Friday (23.07.2021). Other two admins of WhatsApp Group reportedly are from Karnataka and Kerala. The NIA did not however reveal the contents of the WhatsApp Group to the media.

Jamaat Members & Local Muslims Forced Release Of Yousuf From Police Detention

A huge Muslim crowd gathered in front of Yousuf’s residence as the news of his interrogation by the NIA trickled out. The NIA had visited his house at 5am in the morning. Yousuf was reportedly taken to the Chinnamanur Police station amid tight security and interrogated for over five hours. The Jamaat members put pressure on the NIA to release Yousuf. The Jamaat members later ensured his release by assuring that Yousuf would co-operate in the probe.


The malaise of Sex Jihad, consequent conversion and radicalisation of Hindus turning Islamists is very rampant. Recently, the Uttar Pradesh ATS had uncovered a racket to convert Hindus to Islam and radicalise them through Islamic Dawah Centre sponsored by Pakistan’s ISI, Hafiz Saeed, Zakir Naik and even the AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal. The Islamic Dawah Centre’s main kingpin was himself a Hindu convert named Umar Gautam.

The main aim of the Islamist outfit was to convert vulnerable children, young women and men to Islam by offering money, jobs, educational scholarships, trapping them in love relationships and later making them radical Islamists fomenting communal hatred, riots and secessionism.

Years back, LeT terrorists Isharat Jehan, Pranesh Pillai – a Hindu Malayalee who converted to Islam after marrying a Muslim woman, along with another Pakistani terrorist were killed in an encounter when they were on the way to assassinate PM Narendra Modi, the then Chief Minister of Gujarat.

While Hindu Samaj has started waking up to Sex Jihad menace targeting young Hindu women, their targets of Hindu men have been largely unreported and are not acknowledged in a society which is fast losing its men and women to predatory Jihad due to lack of awareness.

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