How can any civilized society be revelling and celebrating the swearing-in ceremony of Mamata Banerjee, who is solely responsible for utter mayhem and brutal violence in the streets of Bengal unleashed by her party cadres?

As usual many in the pseudo-secular media are silently enjoying the mass murders, loot, arson and rapes committed by the TMC terrorists on hapless BJP-RSS workers and voters in West Bengal in the name of democratic rights. NDTV journalist, Soumit Mohan in a tweet, openly rejoiced the gory murders of BJP cadre and voters by TMC criminals.

BJP leader, Himanta Biswa Sarma tweeted that the situation is so bad in Bengal that 300-400 BJP karyakartas of Bengal and their family members crossed over to Dhubri in Assam to seek refuge from the brutal violence and persecution by TMC goondas in Bengal. He said that they are being provided food and shelter in Assam. He urged Mamata to stop the ugly dance of democracy in Bengal.

Dilip Ghosh himself tweeted a video that he met many Karyakartas at Matiari, Pratapnagar (Sonarpur) escorted by the CRPF who complained to him that they were being beaten up mercilessly and murdered by TMC criminals.

While the top leaders of BJP are safe at their homes with security outside their homes, the average Karyakarta who is the backbone and foundation of any party, are being hunted down like dogs with vengeance by the TMC goons.

Soumyajit Majumder, a PTI journalist in a tweet gave a guest list for Mamata Banerjee’s swearing in ceremony. Which reads as follows:

Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, Biman Bose, Dilip Ghosh, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, Prashant Kishor, Sourav Ganguly and some senior TMC leaders.

It would be shame if Dilip Ghosh attends Mamata’s swearing in ceremony as his own party cadre are being butchered, maimed and raped in West Bengal. In fact, leaders like Dilip Ghosh and other central leaders of BJP should be on the streets of Bengal saving their cadre from the murderous TMC terrorist mobs. They should be seeing to it that a well chalked out plan is made to secure the homes, shops and hearths of his party cadre and voters.

Dilip Ghosh and other leaders can warn Mamata that if she fails to reign in her party goons and lets them loose in the streets without effective policing, then the BJP would be forced to form Village and Colony Defence Teams consisting of capable BJP youths who will guard the innocent workers and their families from any harm.

The least that Dilip Ghosh and his other top leaders of BJP in Bengal and Centre can do, is to call for a complete boycott of Mamata’s swearing in ceremony and appeal to eminent citizens like cricketer Souvrav Ganguly to refrain from attending the event when Bengal is burning.

The BJP should also appeal to the Governor of Bengal, to not hold the ceremony while Bengal is burning and seek arrest of Mamata Banerjee for gross dereliction of duty and inciting her cadre to take brutal revenge on BJP cadre for daring to oppose TMC and exercising their political choice.

The BJP should impress upon the Governor to first ensure law and order in the state before indulging in swearing in ceremonials. The swearing in ceremony is mark of respecting democracy, it is pity that it is being conducted when democracy is being murdered and silenced in the streets of Bengal. It is appalling that the terrorism unleashed by Mamata’s party criminals is forcing people to migrate from Bengal with old parents, pregnant wives and young children in tow when the Covid 19 pandemic is at its peak.

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