The 72nd Republic Day anniversary will remain etched in memory for years as it marked the shameful dance of Khalistani mob engulfing the whole national capital in an abyss of anarchy and Khalistani terror under the garb of “peaceful farmers” Tractor Rally.

Rajdeep Sardesai has a penchant for fishing in troubled waters and inciting riots during turbulent situations. True to his wont he again peddled fake news with an aim to goad rioters by spreading misinformation.

Merchants of death like Rajdeep Sardesai and Barkha Dutt had fueled riots in pecaeful areas during disturbed times in the 2002 Gujarat riots in the aftermath of burning alive Hindu pilgrim passengers of Sabarmati Express in Godhra.

Yesterday again Rajdeep was perhaps not happy when 300 police men and women were attacked by Khalistani-Naxals with swords and lathis during the so-called farmers’ Tractor Rally. Rajdeep perhaps wanted piles of dead bodies so in a bid to stoke more violence set of a fake news of a so-called innocent young farmer named Navneet, driving a tractor dying due to being shot in the head, insinuating the police to have shot him dead.

This was being reported as news by the India Today TV. The fake news report of Rajdeep Sardesai in his own words is given below verbatim.

“The problem Ankit (a journalist of India Today) is there is a dead body which was shown to me of an individual who is allegedly, Navneet Singh, 24 years old, who was reportedly driving one of the tractors, he comes from western UP and because he has been shot in the head and suffered a bullet injury, that has resulted in his death. I think people out there feel that they want answers to who shot Navneet. So, that is the reason the anger has spilt over. Because already there is an angry group of people, they are telling me at least they will not leave the space until they get justice for Navneet. In a sense Navneet has become a symbol now.”

Given below is the video of Rajdeep Sardesai giving his fake news report.

Rajdeep Sardesai also tweeted about this in the social media, which he much later deleted when his lies were caught by a live video of the incident which was put up by other conscientious journalists.

In his tweet he further incites tempers and fuels riots by writing, ” One person, 45-year old Navneet killed allegedly in the police firing at ITO. Farmers tell me: the “sacrifice” will not go vain”. He also put a photograph of the body covered in the Indian Tri-colour.

Notably, the same Tri-colour was disrespected, torn, stamped over and burnt by the very same lumpen goonda elements who were being passed of as innocent peace loving farmers. A screen shot of Rajdeep’s tweet is given below for reference.

The truth was Navneet who was part of the tractor rally, deliberately drove his tractor at break neck speed and tried to bang into the police barricades to break it apart. In the process, the tractor inverted and he died due to his own irresponsible actions. The video of the real incident was put up by Aditya Raj Kaul which is given below.

It is a well published fact that Rajdeep has been caught time and again peddling fake news by the aware social media netizens. what is important to note is while the police was instructed to act with restraint to avoid blood bath, Rajdeep and his friends of the Tukde Tukde Gang were trying everything possible by inciting further violence and mayhem by spreading fake news. A heavy toll of body count would have provided Rajdeep and his friends another cottage industry to make money and spreading hatred.

It is time strict actions are taken against such peddlers of lies and hatred under the garb of journalists. Journalism needs to be responsible and not some biased stoogery or pamphleteering for the Sonia Gandhi and jihadi-Naxal-Khalistani cabal being passed off as news.

Funnily, these peddlers of fake news consider themselves as sole arbiters of truth and morality and silence other dissenting voices who do not agree with their kind of propagandism.

Rajdeep Sardesai and his wife Sagarika Ghose had in 2017, tried to spark off religious riots by spreading fake news that Yogi Adityanath approved of killing and raping dead Muslim women. This was a shoddy piece of hit job by both the husband and wife Bunty-Babli duo on Yogi, which was challenged by many Hindu activists by filing cases against them. The husband and wife quickly distanced themselves from their scurrilous statements about Yogi to avoid being prosecuted.

This time Rajdeep Sardesai should be arrested for inciting riots and creating disaffection against public servants doing their duty. India Today should also be prosecuted for airing such news without due verification.

In fact cases against Rajdeep Sardesai and Barkha Dutt should be filed for inciting riots and murders for their live inciteful coverage of the Gujarat riots. One can clearly remember Rajdeep and Barkha going to Hindu houses and asking people , “What are you doing? Are you going to pelt stones?” etc. Barkha famously went in 2002 during the riots to Surat’s diamond market and claimed the place is so peaceful there are no riots here, imagine the amount of wealth that can be looted if riots begin here… She was veritably inviting rioters to loot the diamond market.

After this incitement, they went around campaigning for 12 years against Modi by abusing him and spreading fake news, it is another matter that this only made Modi a larger than life figure for Hindus and an undisputable leader for the masses.

PM Modi should introduce laws with strict penal provisions of imprisonment along with permanent termination of employment across all media houses, print or electronic, when journalists are found to peddle fake news in a bid to stoke riots. Rajdeep Sardesai must not be let off scot free this time, an example has to be set to curb this menace of inciting riots and violence as a professional license.


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