The Supreme Court normally very active and alert to take suo motu actions against any law and order problems like the so-called lynching incidents has gone all quiet on the mayhem unleashed by Khalistani-Naxal-Jihadi elements in the fake Farmers Tractor Rally yesterday in Delhi on the 72nd year of Republic Day anniversary.

The central government repeatedly sought direction from the Supreme Court to declare the proposed Tractor Rally by the so-called Farmers Union as illegal as the centre pointed out the Khalistani funding behind these so-called Farmers Protests.

The centre also pointed to the connections of the various leaders of the Farmers’ Protests in Punjab-Delhi border to Khalistani organisations. The dubious shell companies of Punjabi Diljit Dosanjh used for routing funds to the tunes of crores of rupees for the so-called protests against the new Farm Laws.

The Centre also pointed out to the Supreme Court that how Sikhs For Justice has declared rewards of 2.5 Lakhs US Dollar for anyone who clambers on top of Red Fort and removes the Indian Tri-colour and replaces it with the Khalistani Flag.

The Attorney General also impressed on the Sumpreme Court bench headed by the Chief Justice of India SA Bobde by saying that, “5000 tractors coming into the city cannot be possibly maintained by the roads in the city. They will go all over the city.”

For which the CJI replied by saying that, “Mr AG, you ask the authorities and the unions how it is going to be peaceful. These are matters purely in the domain of the executive”. The CJI was then assured by Prashanth Bhushan that the protestors are genuine farmers and would peacefully hold a rally in the national capital on 26th January, which is their democratic and fundamental right.

The CJI then told the Attorney General, Tushar Mehta, that “We trust Mr. Bhushan’s statement that his clients want to do it (Tractor Rally) peacefully”. Saying this the CJI refused to pass any orders to restrain the nefarious Farmers Leaders against holding any tractor rally. In a way the CJI hinted to the government that they should allow the Tractor Rally to be held in Delhi by allowing the tractors to come to Delhi from Punjab, Haryana and Western UP.

We now knw how peaceful the rally was and the utter violence unleashed by the Khalistani and anti-national elements in the so-called Farmers Rally. Hundreds of policemen and even women were attacked by the Khalistani and Naxalite elements masquerading as innocent farmers.

It was horrifying to see the video of Khalistani elements beating up the security forces at the Red Fort and throwing them down the ramparts of the fort.

All this was captured live by the media, even many journalists who have been critical about the Khalistanis, jihadis and Naxalites involvement in the fake farmers protests were targeted by these goonda elements. These elements were emboldened by the fact that despite several evidences, the Supreme court insisted that these dubious elements have a right to protest.

It is surprising that CJI laid faith on the perennial blackmailer, Prashanth Bhushan who has made statements in the past of his belief to hold referendum in J&K and let it secede from India. His support to Maoist murderers also well published, even if one ignores his venomous hatred for Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, the BJP and the RSS.

Not just that, when the CJI could not accept, rightly so, Bhushan’s comments questioning the personal character of the CJI and also insinuated in October last year about the CJI being given a special chopper for visiting Madhya Pradesh and later his home town Nagpur by the Madhya Pradesh Government. Bhushan had insinuated that this was being done to influence the outcome cases of disqualification of MLAs of Madhya Pradesh Assembly lying before the Supreme Court.

Whereas the fact is every state government provides special choppers for all VVIPs who visit the state and CJI was certainly a very important VVIP. Bhushan later apologized for his tweets in November after the verdict for the said cases came to his liking.

Bhushan, Dushyant Dave, Indira Jaisingh, Teesta Setalvad etc have made a habit of casting aspersions on Judges’ personal character and have even invented dubious sexual harassment cases against them when things don’t go their liking.

During Sonia Gandhi’s regime this leftist-jihadi-Christian missionary cabal had such strangle hold on the judiciary, that there were many allegations of judgements being dictated by the cabal to the judiciary.

Well, when the CJI knew that Bhushan and Co are a bunch of anti-Hindu, anti-national mischief makers who love to unleash mayhem in the country and love to support terrorists like Yakoob Memon while denounce Kashmiri Pandits who seek justice for genocide against them by jihadi Islamists; then it is very surprising that he chose to believe this dubious character who loves riots and security forces to be attacked.

So, it is hoped that the CJI apologizes to the nation for his misjudgement which resulted in mayhem, anarchy in the streets of Delhi and the National Flag being disrespected by lumpen goonda Khalistani elements. The CJI should also book Bhushan, Yogendra Yadav, Tikait for deliberately misleading the court and conspiring to cause distruction of public property, attempting to murder policemen and women, raising anti-national slogans and large scale depredation in the national capital. CJI should suo motu book these aforementioned characters under UAPA, NSA and conspiring to commit Offences Against the State under Sections121, 121A, 123, 124, 124A of the Indian Penal Code.

Hope the Supreme Court does no have a different yard stick to apply the rule of law when it is violated by known terrorist sympathizers!

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