Roman Catholic Pastor George Ponnaiah has been finally arrested late night yesterday in Kanniyakumari and booked for spreading hate and enmity between religious groups and making controversial remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

George Ponniah, parish priest from Panavilai, gave a venomous hate speech last Sunday spewing venom against Hindus, abusing Bharat Mata, declaring that his God (Jesus) will ensure that Modi and Amit Shah die a horrible death and their bodies will be eaten by dogs, worms and insects. The video of his speech went viral in the social media triggering a huge outrage.

He gave the vitriolic hate speech at a Church meeting in Arumani Municipality, Kanyakumari District on 18th July.

Notably, the MK Stalin government immediately arrested Arjun Sampath and Hindu Munnani activists for peacefully protesting against demolition of seven ancient Temples in Coimbatore, but George Ponnaiya was arrested last night only after a week long public outrage.

Ponnaiah Booked For Hate Speech

Complaints were filed against Ponnaiah by many Hindu organisations and BJP members. After a huge protest the Arumanai police was forced to book charges against him under Sections 153 A (promoting enmity between different groups of religion, race, etc.), 295 A (deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage the feelings of any class by insulting religion or religious beliefs), 505 (ii) (statements creating or promoting enmity, hatred or ill-will between classes) and 506 (i) (criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code. He was also booked under Sections 269 (negligent act likely to spread infection of disease dangerous to life) and 143 (unlawful assembly) of the IPC, and Section 3 of the Epidemic Diseases Act for organising the meeting, violating the restrictions.

Book Ponnaiah Under NSA

Meanwhile, the BJP, Hindu Makkal Katchi, Hindu Munnani and other Hindu outfits are demanding that he be booked under more stringent provisions of the National Security Act. They have planned to protest peacefully on July 28th to seek his arrest under NSA.

The venomous statements he made are highly provocative, incite riots, communal hatred, promoted hatred against Hinduism, threatened Hindus and abused PM Modi and Amit Shah. His visceral hatred for Hindus, and Hinduism with penchant to wipe out Hindus from Kayakumari, is extremely disturbing to state the least. He should be booked under NSA as his activities endanger India’s communal harmony, safety and integrity of the nation.

George Ponnaiah has been booked under the regular IPC sections by the Tamil Nadu Police under the DMK government enabling him to get quick bail and continue his ant-Hindu and anti-India activities.

Notably, BJP’s Kalyanaraman was booked under the stringent Goondas Act to make it difficult for him to secure bail when he criticised Islam and Mohammad during a rally in February this year in Metupalayam. So-called free speech experts like Vaiko, who advocate secessionism of Tamil Nadu from India, demanded from the then AIADMK to book Kalyanaraman under Goondas Act rather than the usual IPC provisions. Vaiko and his rationalist comrades are now missing to voice their protest against hatemonger Pastor George Ponnaiah.

It is foolhardiness to even expect MK Stalin to book George Ponnaiah under NSA when even the Goondas Act is not pressed against him. Central agencies should take notice of George Ponnaiah’s illegal activities from trying to illegally influence the outcome of elections and openly warning annihilation of Hindus in Southern part of Tamil Nadu by using organised fraudulent conversions as a weapon.

‘DMK Won Only By Christian & Muslim Votes And Not Hindu Votes’

The Pastor George Ponnaiah had boasted, “DMK won the elections only due to alms given by Christians and Muslims”.

Pastor George Ponnaiah was giving a speech organised at Arumanai Municipality in Kanyakumari jointly organised at a Church by rabid evangelists and Islamists. He said, “No Hindu will ever vote for the DMK, irrespective of how many ever Temples the HR&CE Minister Sekar Babu visits or does Kumbhabhishekam wearing no clothes. Neither the Mandaikaadu Amman nor the Hindus helped DMK win elections. DMK won by begging Muslims and Christians. DMK should not forget this. You did not win because of your talent.”

He further boasted that, “I have told Prince (DMK MLA) that he won because of Christian Pastor’s direction and door-to-door campaign by Pentecostal Church members”. He also said, “We had offered the DMK Kanyakumari Secretary, Suresh Rajan we will campaign in Nagercoil. However, he declined our offer saying it would polarise the Hindu votes against DMK. This folly resulted in BJP’s MR Gandhi winning the elections.”

Pastor Abuses Bharat Mata/ Bhoomi Devi

The Pastor went on to deride BJP MLA MR Gandhi and scandalised Bharat Mata by saying, “MR Gandhi does not step on the ground wearing a footwear because he considers it as Bhoomidevi.” The Pastor derogatively added, “I wear shoes when I walk outside because I don’t want the dirt of Bharat Mata to touch my body”. Shockingly, there was a peal of laughter, loud claps and whistles for these hate spewing statements against Bharat Mata from the audience.

He maliciously claimed, Tamil Nadu government gives us free footwear so that we are not infected with scabies or rashes by stepping on Bharat Mata, Bhumi Devi is a dangerous woman.

‘Christians Now 62% in Southern Districts Of TN, Will Cross 70% Soon’

Pastor George Ponnaiya threatened Hindus saying, “We (Christians) were 42% once, now we are 62% of the total population in Kanyakumari, soon we will cross 70%, no one can stop us. We say this as a warning to BJP and RSS, we neither fear you nor can you stop us.”

Cursed PM Modi & Amit Shah

The Pastor, went on to declare that by God’s (Jesus) grace, Amit Shah and PM Modi would have a terrible end, their life towards the end would be miserable and their bodies will be eaten up by dogs, worms and insects.”

Kanyakumari A Den Of Christian Evangelism

Meanwhile, the situation in Kanyakumari is very alarming with Christian population growing at exponential rates. In 2011, the Christian population was around 45% it is now said to be around 60% as claimed by the evangelists themselves. This is alarming situation for the nation demographically as it also entails national security concerns. Evangelist organisations run several protests against developmental projects like the Kudankulam protests and anti-Sterlite movement.

Not only are evangelist activities rampant in Kanyakumari, the missionary mafia has encroached on several public lands and built many illegal Churches on it. They slowly occupy an area, convert people around the Church and harass Hindus who try to resist their illegal activities. George Ponnaiah is just a visible symptom of the deeper malaise in Kanyakumari.

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