We all saw the recent Twitter “controversy” involving Governor Swaraj Kaushal and #TrueIndology / #BharadwajSpeaks.

While Governor Swaraj was praising Mizos w.r.t the recent killings of 6 policemen from Assam at the Mizoram /Assam border, True Indology in his style tweeted FACTS about the history of Mizoram , quoting books, papers which are treated as OFFICIALLY accepted facts. FACTS. That is what he tweeted, collating all data. All data is in public domain for all to see. The data can be seen here : https://web.archive.org/web/20210729183653/https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1420694256306442246?refresh=1627582812 .

What came as a surprise was a THREAT of FIR from Governor Swaraj for simply quoting facts .


Not only was Governor Swaraj unapologetic about this in your face, defiant threat for exercising Freedom of Expression shocking , his unabashed defence and reiteration of threat was demeaning not just to True indology but every Indian or anyone who believes in Freedom of Expression .

If you wanted to expose that TI is lying you could have done that with facts , with excerpts from books, with papers , research work etc. Why silence him ? That too in such an insulting and dictatorial manner ?

We understand that you worked hard to get Mizo Accord signed and achieve peace in Mizoram and due credit to you. In the process, you formed deep, long-lasting relationships with many prominent Mizos. As a reward you were made governor of Mizoram (where you held Santa Claus parties for the Christians. Strange never saw you tweet as how you got a temple made ) . Not really surprised. You and your late wife were always particular to be people pleasers and worked overtime on popularity (which we saw unhinged when she would bend over backward to help people form certain communities even at the cost of getting her hard-working, honest officials doing their work, suspended or transferred ). Nothing is hidden in the world of Social Media. You still have great relationships with all-powerful people in Mizoram and have a demi God-like status there. The CM of Mizoram is your personal friend and follows you on twitter .So when you gave a threat of FIR , it came due to your knowledge that a simple phone call from you would get the job done , and that the CM is now aware . What a subtle , polite and erudite way to say ” Delete it now and vanish or I will ensure that will happen” . No, it was not advice but a very veiled OPEN THREAT. Almost Peaky Blinder type minus the fashion and oomph and good looks of Cillian Murphy. The threat for what, simply stating facts? First of all, what he said was not LIES, he stated facts. Secondly, he was not presenting his OPINIONS either, he was merely stating facts. So how and why would an FIR even be justified? On what grounds will his tweets be evidence for ANY CRIME? No lawyer with an ounce of knowledge or integrity will ever see these tweets as lies or an attempt to instigate any violence or hatred against ANYONE. I am NOT a lawyer yet I understand the difference between Freedom of Expression, Expressing opinions, and spreading lies (many times with the intent to cause riots or disrupt peace) .

I am sorry but Facts and facts, like black and white, there is no GREY area when it comes to facts and history. Yes, many times it hurts people, makes them embarrassed and angry but that does not change history or facts. And I have always maintained that facts, especially history should be presented in the most transparent manner to all and sundry and let people study and then form opinions. History and facts should NEVER be suppressed or modified, EVER. If the real history and facts hurt and anger some, well let it be. I have faced a lot for being very blunt and stating facts, my Facebook account was deactivated on Facebook because Pakistanis and Muslims kept reporting my account for simply stating facts, but I will not bend. Sorry I don’t get scared . dDefinitely not to spineless socialists like you.

So according to you such facts and real history about Mizoram should not be shared because it will anger the Mizos ? Excuse me , you were a lawyer , feelings and fallouts should be the last thing a person like you should have given a second thought to . If the past angers Mizos , let it be , who CARES . Let the world know the truth, the very roots on which Justice is base don . VERY shocking that such statements are coming from a lawyer, who always displayed himself as a torch bearer of truth and justice.

Next what , we can’t write about how Hindu , Sikh women were kidnapped , kept in harems to be repeatedly raped by Mughals and their soldiers and many Muslims are descendants of the harem offerings ? Or that ALL of Pakistan and Bangladesh (along with 54 other countries) were forced to accept Islam ?

Or that women were paraded naked on crosses and their breasts were ripped off by Portuguese Christian Missionaries if their families refused to accept Christianity because it will anger and hurt the Christians of Goa? NO. Sorry. Not accepted AT ALL.

People have a right to know the truth. Not just in Mizoram, but all of India. Every Indian has a right to know the truth about our country, real incidents, facts.

So Mr. Swaraj, do you care for the feeling of all you expose on Social media, what their families will think? You seem to be extra active in doing so ALL the time?

And you could threaten FIR not because you are a lawyer, but simply because you have “CONTACTS” in high and mighty places . SO CONVENIENT . The bureaucratic version of “Jaanta Nahi Mera Baap Kaun Hai “. SO UNCOUTH.

I understand that you fought long and hard for peace and achieved it . And such expose may derail that , given the tense situations right now . Yes these tweets could have been avoided for a later time. It could add more fuel to teh fire. Not denying that . BUT there is a way to achieve that . You could have ASKED True Indology to follo wyou and politely asked him to delete the thread keeping in mind the bigger picture to calm the tensions. I know him, I have interacted with him, he is a very polite and sensible man. He would listen . I saw your tweets about how you believe in dialogue to achieve peace. Sorry, none of that was displayed yesterday.Even if TI did not follow you , you could have tweeted to him to remove these tweets and post them later? That would be a peaceful way with dialogue. SORRY but I have ZERO respect for people who threaten violence or FIR over statement (that too when they are factual) . You had and still have NO AUTHORITY or RIGHT to threaten an FIR. You are NOT A PARTY to this argument.

There is a way to make someone be made aware of legal consequences. You are a lawyers, lawyers know the value and importance of every word , statement be it written or verbal . An incorrect word , a minconstructed sentence can make you lose or win a case , decide the fate of millions. So I refuse to believe that your intent was NOT to threaten and silence him. Your tweets were blatant THREAT. Plain and Simple.

Most people were shocked at your threat. As much as I was shocked to see such a blatant act by so-called erudite, educated, poised Governor Swaraj, a self-proclaimed PROUD socialist, I was not surprised. Isn’t this socialism is all about, masked dictatorship ? A process in which the so-called leaders who vouch and fight for equality for ALL , want to be at the top of the pyramid (or s it just the paper weights on a flat table) , controlling all power , control . legal , judiciary (MONEY) , who are Gods who can’t be touched. DAMN and we call out dictatorships, isn’t that just an unveiled version of Schiaparelli Socialists and Caviar Communists.

A simple statement like”Dear Son , Such tweets may flare up ongoing tension . In best intrest of all and for peace , may be you should delete them “. Just a simple statement .

You could threaten FIR because you know the high and mighty. Simple. Because you have contact with the high and mighty. Period. I am sorry does that behavior not display a class structure , hierarchy where the privileged elite have more access, rights than common proletariat , something which socialism pretty much stands against and wants to demolish ? OUCH . So in all evidence that makes you a cheap hypocrite ? YEs that is what you are , a hypocrite who is drunk on power , a megalomaniac who think he is above the law and can (MIS)use laws to silence people whose statements do not please him.

Reminds me that Michael Jackson video , where the entertainers who could not make the queen happy were killed. Damn you make Kim Jong Un look less monstrous. At least he does not fake to be anything he is not or keep a facade of being a humanitarian who revels in the self-importance of being a do goody two shoes.

If you were genuinely a good man or wanted peace you would NOT have threatened him, or tried to silence him.

I have banned from Wikipedia when I had added on the page of Kandahar that the city was once the capital of the erstwhile Hindu Kingdom of Gandhara. I was told that such “sensitive” facts may hurt the local population. Oh dear .

I am sorry , no one gives a damn anymore about being Politically correct , or monkey balancing to please people. That is not right neither accepted in 2021.

Since you lived in Mizoram for so long and know everyone and everything then why have you never exposed the racism experienced by outsiders in almost ALL north east states. I have heard tales and seen videos of Bihari Labourers, Bengalis being abused, beaten, spat on. It is open knowledge. Go on, talk about it . I DARE YOU .

Oh, wait you would never do that because Biharis and Bengalis don’t deny you or worship you and Mizos do why would you risk losing that God-like status and losing high profile friends . So typical .

And please do not say it was an impulsive, offhand statement. No it was not. Such impulsive statements, behaviors stem from the subconscious which reflects our real , true self . This is your true nature, real colors. A has been man drunk on power who thinks he is above law and can do what he feels like due to his connections.

If I were TI , I would take you to court for threatening me and trying to suppress my FoE. And I can assure you even a nonlawyer like me can make more sense than you in court and expose you .

Anyways SHAME On you , hazard laanat , no one cares for cheap hypocrites like you anymore . Now go back to being the Referred Leader in the expat land of Mizoram.

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