Odisha was the first state to enact this law in 1967, followed by Madhya Pradesh, in 1968. Uttar Pradesh could soon become the ninth state,” said the law department official.

What is Love Jihad?

It is very important first to define Love Jihad. A stricter definition would limit the phenomena to the cases where a non-Muslim person is lured into a relationship, with the intention of converting her to Islam.

Due to the intimate and complicated nature of such a relationship, such an intention is hard to prove in a court of law, even if the case involves other crimes like beatings and harassment.


funding of Love Jihad:-

One, when a man establishes relationship with a woman for conversion purposes, not only it is a breach of trust, but necessarily involves manipulation, and psychological, emotional and spiritual abuse of the woman.

Two, There have been allegations that there are foreign-funded Islamist organization’s that support and promise money and other rewards to youth who lure non-Muslim women into marriage and/or conversion.

Worldwide, the law differentiates between the organised versus the individual nature of certain acts.

Kerala, despite being the one of the most developed states in India, has seen radical Islam making deep inroads, and several residents leaving to fight for the Islamic state.

The family of 29-year-old Fathima, who left Kerala to go to Syria for the Islamic State, was located in Afghanistan. Fathima was identified by one Bindu Sampath as her daughter Nimisha, who was converted to Islam. The family had then  alleged a case of love jihad.

One of the terror suspects in the Sri Lankan Easter attacks this year, which killed over 250, was Pulasthini Mahendran alias Sarah. In an interview, her mother Kavitha Mahendran alleged that her daughter was a victim of Love Jihad.

In September 2019, the chairman of minorities commission wrote a letter to the Home Minister drawing attention to “the spate in organized religious conversion and using the victims for terror activities by trapping them through love jihad”.

Demographic goals have always been a part of the Islamic discourse. However, the goal acquired urgency for a terror-group like IS which needed more fighters. Love/Sex Jihad, therefore, became intertwined with terrorism.

The Islamic State also took the Yazidi women as sex slaves – justifying it by saying that they were kafirs. The IS bought and sold them, passed them around to be raped by the fighters, as well as produce children who would be future fighters.

Many converts from non-Muslim backgrounds were found to have travelled to Middle East to fight for the IS. The IS itself shared many videos of them beheading and killing the enemies, inviting other non-Muslims to convert, and declaring that Jihad was the fastest way to paradise.

The report also stated that young women were especially targeted for conversion. Young women formed the “single largest pool of converts” going to fight for the Islamic State.

The Islamic law permitted unlimited numbers of slaves and purchase of female slaves for sex by men. Latter was the most common motive for the purchase of slaves throughout Islamic history.

History Of love Jihad described by muslim Traveler’s:-

Ibn Battuta, an Moroccan Muslim traveller who visited Mohammad bin Tughlaq’s court, describing celebrations such as Id:

“First of all, daughters of Kafir (Hindu) Rajas captured during the course of the year, come and sing and dance. Thereafter they are bestowed upon Amirs and important foreigners. After this daughters of other Kafirs dance and sing… The Sultan gives them to his brothers, relatives, sons of Maliks etc. On the second day the durbar is held in a similar fashion after Asr. Female singers are brought out… the Sultan distributes them among the Mameluke Amirs”

Lal says that under Aurangzeb, not only the women and children of the Rajputs and Marathas were regularly enslaved during raids and invasions, but even nobles of lesser note indulged in reckless enslavement throughout. This implies that the abduction of Hindu women and using them as sex-slaves was not an exceptional occurrence, but commonplace.

Victims of Love Jihad / Forced conversations in india :-

Several courageous women victims of Love Jihad have come forward with their stories.

Their horrifying experiences include being deceived into a relationship/marriage by a boy disguised under a Hindu name, who only revealed later that he is a Muslim and forced the woman to convert.

The pressurizing tactics include threatening to make viral their intimate photographs and videos, isolating the woman from her family by snatching away her phone, force-feeding beef, boy’s family members ganging up against the woman, beatings, snatching away her belongings, throwing away things of her poojathreatening physical assault over usage of any Hindu symbols like Sindoor, insulting Hinduism and Hindus, telling her that god’s wrath will fall on her if she continued worshipping false gods of other religions and she will burn in hell. The Islamic marriage involves a necessary conversion to Islam which is accompanied by a name-change. So, the woman not only has to leave her previous belief system, but also the name she has been known by all her life!

Recently, Nikita Tomar was killed on Monday afternoon right outside her college in Faridabad’s Ballabhgarh where she had gone for an examination

Tauseef tried to force her into his car, but shot her from point blank range when she resisted.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has asked officials to formulate a strategy and bring an ordinance if required to prevent religious conversions in the name of love,

In Kanpur, the police had recently set up a Special Investigation Team to look into reports of “love jihad”.
Last year, the Uttar Pradesh State Law Commission had submitted a report to Adityanath, suggesting a new law to check forcible religious conversions.

The commission is of the view that existing legal provisions are not enough to check religious conversions and on this serious matter, a new law is needed like in some other states. The report was submitted along with a draft legislation, Uttar Pradesh Freedom of Religion Bill, 2019

Love jihad is an continuing offence which need to be stopped by making a separate law on forced Religious Conversion is need of hour to Restrict crimes in India as according to law when there is conflict between the general law and specific law than specific law is opted between the two which create more strictness as compared to general laws. Specific law will give rigorous punishment to the culprit as well as life time compensation to victim.

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