Sri Lanka’s government has decided to ban Burqa and shut more than a thousand Islamic schools or Madrasas, to curb Islamic fundamentalism and radicalisation.
Minister for public security Sarath Weerasekera informed that he had signed a paper on Friday for cabinet approval to ban the full face covering worn by Muslim women in Sri Lanka on grounds of national security.
The minister said that wearing of Buqa was not a norm in Sri Lanka and has come about recently due to religious extremism. “In our early days Muslim women and girls never wore the burqa,” he said.

Notably, wearing of the burqa was banned in 2019 in the aftermath of the bombing of churches and hotels by Islamic militants that killed more than 250.

Weerasekera also said the government plans to ban more than a thousand madrassas which were imparting extremist Islamist ideology to young children in violation of the national education policy.

Notably, the Sri Lankan government `last year mandated cremating Covid-19 victims to maintain hygiene and safety which was not to the liking of Muslims.

The Burqa ban imposed after the 2019 jihadi terror bombings, was lifted last year due to undue criticism from US and international rights groups. But the Sri Lankan government would have possibly decided to impose a full ban on Burqa and close down on extremist madrasas as these steps are being taken by western countries like Switzerland and France for national safety and curb Islamic radicalisation which results in jihadi terror where scores of innocent people lose their lives.

It is hoped that India also takes these effective steps like banning of the Burqa and closing down on madrasas which poison young minds with radical extremist Islam, feeding young children with hatred towards non-Muslims and resulting in Islamist terrorism.

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