In order to ridicule the faith of Hindus, the verses were manipulated in a vulgar, derogatory and extremely disgusting manner. Describing it as a trivial act, Rajinikanth said that he welcomed the decision to remove the video from the channel.

Superstar Rajinikanth has recently praised the Tamil Nadu government to take immediate action on those controversial videos that insulted the defense staff of Lord Kartikeya (Murugan) by Periarvadion in.

The DMK-ally Periyarist YouTube channel had recently introduced a slogan of Lord Murugan (Karthikeya) with a shoddy description, which has caused widespread outrage.

Tweeting about this, actor Rajinikanth said, “Humiliating Skanda Shashthi Kavachram has hurt the sentiments of crores of Tamils ​​and people are angry. I heartily applaud the Tamil Nadu government for prompt action and intervention to remove those videos. It must be closed. All religions are one. “

Rajinikanth said that he also welcomed the decision to remove the video from the channel. He described it as a trivial act and said that at least now religious hatred and blasphemy should be stopped.

It is notable that in a video recently produced by Karuppar Kottam, which is a YouTube channel and run by a Periyarist organization, Skanda Shashthi Kavachram was insulted after which BJP and various organizations condemned the act.

The state police arrested four members in the case after this video came into the limelight and after heavy protests by the people. The organization also removed the video from its channel and expressed regret after a huge uproar.

In this disputed video from the Karuppar Kootam YouTube channel, in particular, verses between 64 and 92 are ridiculed. These verses are read from Lord Skanda to protect every part of the body from head to foot.

Lord Kartikeya, who is called ‘Murugan’ in Tamil, is called the God of Tamils ​​and aimed at his worship, the YouTube channel aimed to attack the faith and identity of Tamil Hindus.

In this disputed video, Karuppar Kootam, based on the support of DMK-ally Periyarist thinkers, has sought to protect the genitals of the body by manipulating these verses in an obscene, derogatory and extremely abusive manner, which Hindus Was intended to ridicule the faith.

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