Seminar on ‘Wakf Board’s Land Jihad’

  The then Congress Government has given brute rights to Muslims through the ‘Waqf Board Act 1995’. Therefore, Muslims have got the right to declare any property of not only Muslims, but Hindus, Christians and other sects as the property of Waqf Board. By misusing this law, ‘Land Jihad’ is being practised by forcefully grabbing land across the country. As a result, more than 8 lakh acres of land across the country, most of which is owned by the Railways and the Defense Forces has come under the ownership of the Waqf Board. Hindus, Christians or any other sect do not have the power or legal authority that Congress has given to Muslims. All Hindus should get united against this discriminatory law’, Supreme Court advocate Vishnu Shankar Jain appealed that the tendancy should be struck at the root and the Central Government should be forced to change this law. ‘A shocking incident has recently come to light that the entire village of Tiruchethurai in Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu has been declared the property of the Waqf Board’, he said. Hindus Janajagruti Samiti organsed a special dialogue on the subject ‘Wakf Board’s Land Jihad?’, in which Adv. Jain was speaking.

     Advocate Vishnu Jain further said, “Due to this law, the plan is to declare Hindus’ Dwarka Island, Surat Municipal Corporation, Chandrasekhar Azad Park in Prayagraj, Gyanavapi, Mathura etc. as property of the Waqf Board”.On the occasion, the founder of ‘Bharat Voice’ Ms. Gayatri N. said, “How can the 2000 year old Hindu temple of Sri Chandrasekhar Swamy in Tiruchethurai village in Tamil Nadu become the property of the Wakf Board ? Due to the legislation passed by Parliament for Land Jihad, Hindus’ homes, shops, farms, lands and even temples are not safe. Hindus have no rights. The condition of Hindus has been made worse”.

       While the President of ‘Vivekananda Karya Samiti’ Mr. Neeraj Atri said, “The then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had said that Muslims have the first right over India’s resources. The same is being implemented through this Act. Day by day, Hindus are falling deeper into the trap of this law. If Hindus do not get organised now, the condition of Hindus would again become same as it was during Aurangzeb’s time”.

      On the occasion, the Delhi spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti Mr. Narendra Surve said, “The Government has taken over the big temples and property of Hindus. On the other hand, instead of touching the religious places or property of Muslims, this law has been passed to protect them. This is a conspiracy against Hindu Dharma. A parallel system has been created by law for land jihad, that is, land grabbing. This is the weapon given to Muslims. Hindus should fight for repeal of this law which encourages land jihad”.

Ramesh Shinde, National Spokesperson, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.

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