The causal center found that students study English to study the other language or SL who fought under Kronuosi in Cronos. Last month, researchers issued research group on research researchers. He finds that the English skills and English increase in 2020-2021. Pupil Bank offers a standard test to learn English.

The state and the federal law require them to be controlled by 12 classes from the child’s garden. The banking unit is used if the students must be in the SSX class or go with the students’ student. Reviews in many areas of English, reading and write and write and write – the decline during the last school year. The largest decrease is talking. The student’s primary schools have decreased high in high school students as better and read in the cases.

The teachers and staff say that online classes use English in English when he does not speak at home. Dasney Edwards said students not schooled all day at school. She is a skilled assistant Australia in Texas but it expects the student’s achievement to improve performance when performance when the class returns the norm. Graphic bank data, however, is no limitation. SUSMUM is directly toim, the equation on the Internet.

This is the reason why 30% of the students were more than 2021 and 2020. Through the Student Address, it was also tested in a random time. Instead of investigating every 12 months, the student has tested for 9 to 15 months. And the student who cannot check again for a year. Leslie Welgos, the number of students in the study. She with a new US fund, a group of research policies in Washington et. California, do not take California and New York, Swav test and not account in data.

However, in three states, the largest number of ESL lies. Willgus said the research provides some useful information, but teachers should care for feedback from him. News really do not represent English students (English) in the country. “I think we should think about. – said the students may not have a good study in the face of the sea.

Vereas said English is looking for a good quality of the English education. For example, Edward said that performance data was a “gap”, there was a grinding of the SLA participants in Austin, Austin. Although Texas has a state test for measuring the test performance, not necessary to be necessary for the students for the past year. “I will not use test data to say,” Oh, there is in the country, there is more domestic evidence here. “The weeks disappear.

Robertson Minnesota is the director of ASL at Roskota. Welgs said the state should check your score to train their points where their resources should send students. “If student is not a student,” she said.

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