This brief article is to educate the youth on the need to be efficient in one’s studies and work, and the mechanism one can adopt to achieve efficiency.

Whenever there is a task before us to be achieved like doing our daily studies, or studying for a test, or making a presentation before an audience, it is very necessary that there is the appropriate work put in to prepare adequately. The task needs to be achieved in an efficient manner.

We can draw inspiration from our Indian ancient texts that are the repositories of great universal knowledge about our world. The Upanishads have a nice formula that one can use for efficiency.

Efficiency = Vidhya (Knowledge) + Shraddha (Faith in oneself) + Upanishad (Deep Thinking)

(Source: Chandogya Upanishad 1.1.10)

Let me explain in detail.

Efficiency can be described as doing something with the least amount of wastage of time and energy.

Vidhya means learning something. It is to do with studying your textbook, maybe referring to one or two similar books on the same topic, listening to a teacher explain the topic or looking at a YouTube video from a reliable source.

Shraddha means having faith in oneself. Usually, we say, we will pray to God and God will help us in our studies or work. That will not fly. Remember somebody said, ‘God helps those who helps themselves’. Likewise, it is necessary first to have faith in one’s capability. Tell yourself, ‘I can understand this topic’. Probably, you have may have to read it two or three times. So what? Have this deep belief in yourself. That is the key thing to cultivate. Once you start believing in yourself, then you can decide to start believing in a God who will help you. You exert ten steps, God will help you with the next crucial step that will help you to progress.

Upanishad means deep thinking on a topic. When one reads a topic two or three times and feels he or she has understood it, it is time to put the understanding to the test. Probably, think of real world scenarios where this topic is valid and test if there any doubts coming up. One easy method that i have found useful is look around the house itself and you’ll find a place where it can be used. For example, you might study the concept of length and breadth of a rectangle. If you look around, you will find you can imagine the walls in your house as a rectangle and go on to measure the length and breadth of the wall. This is also called the spirit of inquiry. Testing yourself solidifies your understanding of the topic.

Quite a simple formula, isn’t it? The formula is also a great way to learn something absolutely new or take up some complicated work that you want to achieve. This is equally applicable at home, school, college, assignment, project or in your job.

Wish You the Best to study and work efficiently!

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