The majority of those who violently attack Hindus in the Indian subcontinent are Sufis. The political elite’s deceptive stance is solely intended to placate contemporary secular Hindus and Muslims. However, they are ignoring the Sufi truth, which has recently been repeated time and over again.

Sufis had an impact on various regions of the nation and were divided into numerous silsilas and orders. The swords employed the soft power of the Sufis when they were unable to convert. The objective underlying the rise of Sufism was to pierce the tranquil aura produced to weaken the relationship between the common people and the oppressed Hindu populace and the harsh Islamic rulers.

The Afghan ruler Ahmed Shah Abdali received a letter from the Islamic theologian and Sufi Shah Walliulah inviting him to conquer Bharat and establish Islam with all of its power. He declared, “It is your majesty’s bounden duty (farz-i-ain) to invade Hindustan, to destroy the power of the Marhatahs, and to free the down-and-out Muslims from the clutches of non-Muslims. Allah forbid, if the power of the infidels remains in its present position, Muslims will renounce Islam…”

It is abundantly obvious from this passage that Sufis were never able to accept any influence of Hindu monarchs over the nation and were steadfast in their efforts to Islamize Bharat as the need arose. either with a song or a sword!
The traditions of Dargahs, Majaars, Peer-Babas, and Urs are exclusive to the Indian subcontinent; no other Islamic country engages in such nonsense. And why? Hindus are soft-hearted, so while swords couldn’t entirely convert them, Sufis can approach it from a halfway ground. Hindus can at any moment be transformed into dhimmis or Muslims by first making them a peer-baba lovers, which will infuse them with secular Islam’s love of cuddly Muslims.

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