The Supreme Court of India, which takes pride in opening up the courts in midnight and sits up all night for convicted terrorists like Yakub Memon, does not think it is emergent to take up the petition filed by Indic Collective on May 3rd to end the ongoing unprecedented state sponsored political violence in Bengal looting, killing, maiming, and raping several people since May 2nd.

This raises several questions on the double standards of the Supreme Court which is the apex body to ensure right to life and human rights of innocent citizens are not violated. Mamata Banerjee led TMC has unleashed a blood bath in West Bengal against BJP workers and voters as a retribution ever since the election results were declared on 2nd of May.

The violence is also being perpetrated on communal lines, targeting BJP workers and supporters for being ‘Ram Bhakhts’. The videos emerging from Bengal are blood-curdling yet it doesn’t move the Supreme Court to come to the aid of thousands of Hindus in Bengal left homeless and mortal distress due to state sponsored terrorism.

The Indic Collective in a series of tweets today highlighted the lack of emergency shown by the Supreme Court to save lives in Bengal. The Indic Collective stated :

1. Our petition seeking the Hon’ble Supreme Court’s intervention in the Bengal Violence was filed in the afternoon of May 3, 2021. By the afternoon of May4 2021, all queries raised by the SC Registry were addressed and cleared.

2. We filed a urgent request as per procedure to list the matter urgently citing the situation in Bengal. Despite this the matter was not listed on May 5th.

3. Accordingly, our arguing counsels Senior Advocate Ms Pinky anad and Mr J Saideepak along with Advocate on Record Mr. Suvidutt Sundaram sought to orally mention the matter before Justice UU Lalit 0n May 6, 2021.

4. However, the said request too was not allowed by SC Registry despite being informed of the grave urgency in the matter.

5. A second letter of urgency was moved on MAy 6th, which too has been turned down by the Registry.

6. This indeed is unfortunate that the Hon’ble Supreme Court opens up at midnight for convicted terrorists but hasn’t listed a petition in relation to Bengal violence while lives are still being lost. Clearly, some are more equal than others.

7. Since today is the last working day for the Supreme Court before it shuts for summer until June 28th, we will seek its urgent listing once more before a vacation bench.

8. In the meantime we are working on alternatives, since our team has been flooded with videos and pictures of the ghastly targeted violence in Bengal, and we owe a duty to the victims to do everything we can.

9. Our Writ Petition has been registered after repeated follow-ups with the SC Registry as W.P. (C) No. 530/2021

10. We are now moving a third letter of urgency for listing our Writ Petition before a vacation bench of the Supreme Court.

It is appalling to see the complete apathy to address the ongoing genocide in Bengal which is witnessing the in not more, the same level of lawlessness, mass murder, loot, arson, rape as during the partition. It is a shame that for the Supreme Court in matters of ensuring basic right to life, safety and security of people, some are more equal than others. If even a fraction of the same mayhem had been perpetrated against the so-called minority community the same Supreme Court would have suo motu taken up the issue and directed the centre to impose President’s Rule and deploy the army to crush the state sponsored targeted genocide.

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