Friends, let me share with you all a lesser-known story about Swami Anjeynaya! Despite the popular belief that he was a bachelor, Swami Anjeynaya had a son!!

Well, after destroying Lanka while flying over the ocean a sweat Swami Anjeynaya’s body fell into the ocean. This sweat was swallowed by a mighty fish which was later caught by Ahiravana, the then king of the underworld. While cutting the fish his cooks discover a strange creature having the face of a monkey and the body of a fish. Ahirvana seeing the creature’s strength and agility, names it as Makardhwaja and makes it to guard the gates of his kingdom.

During the war in Lanka, on Ravana’s request, Ahiravana using his black magic puts both Lord Rama and Lord Lakshmana in a sleeping trance and kidnaps them to his kingdom in the underworld. Swami Anjeynaya comes to know about the same when he overhears two pigeons talking about the kidnapping incident. When Swami Anjeynaya goes to the underworld to rescue them, he is stopped at the gates by Makardhawaja.

Makardhawaja tells Swami Anjeynaya, that though he is its father, he cannot allow Swami Anjeynaya inside because he is duty-bound to protect Ahirvana’s kingdom. Swami Anjeynaya says he is duty-bound to protect Lord Rama and Lord Lakshmana and after a long fight successfully defeats Makardhawaja.

Inside the place, Swami Anjeynaya finds it difficult to kill Ahirvana. He learns that Aahirvana can be killed only when all the five lights in Ahirvana’s room is put-off at the same time. Swami Anjeynaya takes the Panchamukhi Hanuman avatar to put-off all five lights simultaneously. Thus, Swami Anjeynaya rescues Lord Rama and Lord Lakshmana. On the way back, upon the advice of Lord Rama, Makardhawaja is made the ruler of the underworld.

Friends, from both Swami Anjeynaya and Makardhawaja we come to know that in order to be successful and respected we need to be committed to our duties at all times.

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