The world renowned Isreali Intelligence organisation, Mossad famous for taking down terrorists and terror supporters holed up in both enemy and so-called friendly countries, with brazen espionage operations which was even filmed in the famous Hollywood movie, ‘Munich’.

A parody account of the Mossad in social media platform is creating waves for its digs at Bollywood rent a cause out of job actor Swara Bhasker for her nitwit obnoxious Tweets against Israel calling it grandly, “an apartheid state” and “terrorist state”.

The parody account @TheMossadIL took a dig at Swara’s tweet calling Israel a ‘terrorist state’ and tweeted, ” Hey friends in India, if this tweet gets more likes than the quoted tweet, we will send Swara a special pocket rocket”.

The special “pocket rocket” gift to Swara, made her a butt of jokes and several memes were circulated on Swara.

Some months earlier the parody account of Mossad wondered who this Swara was and why were netizens from India tagging their account on her tweet. Swara had then tweeted about her visit to Gaza in 2010 and extended her support to Free Palestine campaign.

The Mossad’s parody account then thanked many netizens for their answers and cheekily tweeted, “We are being told @ReallySwara likes vibrators. We’re afraid you were misinformed when Gaza said they had Pocket Rockets”.

It is quite certain that Swara would get her “Pocket Rocket” gift today going by the likes and Retweets of Mossad’s parody account!

These Bollywood characters have now become famous for their willingness to sell themselves for Islamo-Fascism in exchange for some crumbs from global lobbies out to decimate India and Israel for standing up to Islamic supremacy denying the Jews and Hindus their traditional homeland.

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