The US is a swinging nation; it keeps swinging between extremes. Take the case of religion. Most of the Americans, at least those who support the Republicans, are very religious and believe religiously that major policies, like those relating to abortion, should be dictated by the Bible. They believe in monogamy, as ordained by the scriptures. Yet, Mormons, the most orthodox religious sect found anywhere on our planet, have their home in America and have traditionally practiced polygamy without limits. They believe that God and Jesus were polygamous and Virgin Mary became the polygamous wife of God. Mormons live in isolated communities, shun technology and everything that is deemed modern. The Americans have a beef against polygamy in Islam but Mormon polygamy makes the mere-four-wives Islamic polygamy look virtuous. Mormons’ “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” or the LDS Church, stoutly defended polygamy for a long time and tolerates it even now. Brigham Young, Its former preisdent had 51 wives and 56 children, and the Church “apostle” Heber C. Kimball did even better with 65 children from just 43 wives. They put Peter Bergen to shame , who had boasted of fecundity of Osama bin Laden described in his book “The Rise and Fall of Osama bin Laden”. Bin Laden, unlike Mormons, studied business administration at the King Abdul Aziz Univeristy in the Islamic Saudi Arabia and the modern education restricted him to just five wives and 24 children. Young was more in the league of Osma’s father who had 55 children. No wonder, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and some of its leaders boast, “Womb is the bomb”. Yet, the US is trying to give competition, thanks to Mormons and the migrants streaming across its border with Mexico and its population is not falling, unlike the unproductive Russians, Japanese, Chinese and Europeans, with Indians on the way to join that expanding club of shrinking nations. This distinction makes the US and the remaining Americas eligible to be part of Africa, the only other place where the population is booming.

US is very democratic and has the freedom of thought and speech, including use of four-letter words by its academics and mainstream politicins. Americans have freedom of even violent action, arson and looting of stores. On August 25, 2020 the US was in the middle of arson and looting democratically to prevent Denald Trump from becoming President (a democratic aspiration; many of the Democrats repeatedly make the doomsday prediction that if Republicans win, it is the end of democracy in America). On that date, Vicky Osterweil launched her book “In Defense of Looting”. She is on a mission to provide foundations for many democrats who had spoken in favour of these daily sound and light shows, which involve smashing glass and looting shops at night in full view of CCTV cameras, that had gone on for a month. In an interview with Natalie Escobar, she put it plainly that she supports looting but not the despicable act of stealing. She defined looting as “mass expropriation of property, mass shoplifting during a moment of upheaval or riot.” She further clarified that the word “loot” is of Indian origin, implying that the word, coming from an ancient, respectable culture, deserves respect and those who condemn it have no respect for seniority of a culture by age. Looting, she said, “gets people what they need for free immediately, which means that they are capable of living and reproducing their lives without having to rely on jobs or a wage” and jobs and wages had become difficult to find during the pandemic. Thus, she emphasised “looting’s most basic tactical power as a political mode of action” and said that “without police and without state oppression, we can have things for free.” This provided enlightenment for the dummies called Republicans who were scratching their heads over the demand of some Democrats for defunding the police while those very Democrats were spending massive amounts of public funds on their own security. The rationale was simple; those who have everything have no need to go looting and need police just to protect them, their mansions and their jewellery. Those who have nothing, need defunding of police so that they can loot to eradicate poverty without the inconvenience of police meddling.

The swinging US has now swung from God ordained union between a man and woman to unlimited freedom-ordained transgenders and diverse forms of unions based on supremacy of individual will. They deny Bible’s assertion that God created man and woman in the Garden of Eden while accepting that God did create Adam and Eve. We tried to list the kinds of genders visualised by the imagination-fired Americans but gave up the quest when it seemed endless. After all, how could the infinite God create a finite list of just two genders. So Adam could have been a cisgender male, or gender fluid, agender, bigender, gender variant, two-spirited, omnigender, or genderqueer. This list is just a sample for biological males only and is by no means exhaustive. When there are so many genders, democracy demands that people should be able to drift between them at will without any hinderance from the society or the state. It simply means that John who had lived, worked, married and produced children as a 250-pound male till he was 45 years of age and has the anatomy of a male with ample facial and body hair, wakes up one morning with the revelation that he is a “she” trapped in a “he” body. He makes that revelation public, is recognised by law as a female eligible to play on women’s teams and toss women around in rugby. Sporting brightly coloured, flowery, flared dresses with rouge, lipstick and mascara that go so well with his bearded visage, he is now eligible to use ladies washrooms and is invited to give drag queen story sessions to toddlers in playschools, whom he handles the way he likes even if he has a previous conviction for pedophilia. He is now no more a male, though he has the biology of one. Since declaration has high respect in the US, the nation itself having been born of The Declaration of Independence, once he had declared himself to be a female, his past conduct as the despicable male cannot be traced back to his present avatar as a female. When he rapes a real woman during one of the visits to the ladies’ washroom, the law catches up with him, convicts him after a fair trial and sends him to, what else, a women’s prison. There he rapes a real woman inmate, is tried and convicted and goes back to yet another women’s prison. The swinging Americans do love entertainment, whether of the Disneyland or of the the revolving-door land.

Please stay tuned for more on this swinging eulogy of democracy and its glorious symbol, the US.

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