In this article I would like to discuss the politico-religio-economic symptoms of Socialist Secular Jihadis (abbreviation: SSJ) of India. The below are some of the prominent ones.

  1. Cow is a 100% communal animal. But animals like Horses are Socialist and Secular.
  2. Whenever a suicide bombing takes place, SSJs say “Terrorism has no Religion”. But when “Rohith Vemula” commits suicide, his dalit identity comes to picture. “Terrorism has no religion, but suicide has a caste”.
  3. Festivals like Jallikattu or Diwali or Makar-Sankranti harm animals. But festivals like Bakri-ID render a great service to animals like Goats, Cows and Camels etc. by liberating them.
  4. Organizations like RSS and BJP are fascist and communal. But Indira Gandhi (who imposed emergency), ISIS, Taliban, Chinese Communist Party are progressive, Secular, Socialist parties doing great service for the upliftment and liberation of Mankind.
  5. Mr. Ranjan Gogoi who headed the 5 judge Ram-Janmabhoomi bench is a villian, but Taliban who destroyed the Bamiyan Buddhas are heroes.
  6. Mughals are great nation builders and created India, but Chola, Vijayanagara, Gupta, Maurya, Ahom are menial empires unworthy of any attention.
  7. If a Dalit boy in love with a Muslim girl is lynched by Muslims, SSJs consume fevicol. But SSJs do breast beating if a Muslim is killed due to brawl over a seat in the train.
  8. Any fatwa boycotting Hindu, Sikh businessman during Festivals like Bakri-ID is a Secular act.
  9. When the WB CM abuses the PM, the constitution is upheld but constitution is breached if a CBI enquiry is ordered into WB CM’s relative’s coal mafia connections.
  10. Bills passed in Parliament when the SSJs are creating ruckus is a violation of Constitution.
  11. The imposition of Emergency is a Holy event for the SSJs, but the steps to stop the loot of the dacoits (Mandi Dalals through farm laws) is an undeclared emergency.
  12. Gifting away mines, spectrum free of cost to Companies having links with SSJs is clean business, but natural resources being sold/allocated through competitive bidding is “Suit boot ki Sarkar“.
  13. The Aadhar Card which is supposed to eliminate non-existent and Ghost entities receiving Gas, Farm and Fertilizer subsidies is a gross violation of Privacy.
  14. The Farm laws which allow the farmers to sell to any one and increase the farmers’ market reach(today they can sell only to “Mandi Dalals”) is anti-farmer.
  15. Painters making vulgar paintings of Maa Saraswati, Maa Lakshmi are extremely talented and gifted people. But “Tasleema Nasreen” highlighting atrocities on non-Muslims is a threat to India.
  16. Hindus, Sikhs, Christians etc. staying in Pakistan in constant fear of death are un-welcome, but not-allowing Rohingyas in India is a gross violation of Indian Constitution and the secular values.
  17. Stopping a Muslim Man from dumping his wife/Children at his will (even if they come to road and beg) is violation of Secular principles. But, allowing a Muslim man to dump his wife/Children at will is a pious and secular act.
  18. Teaching Quran and Hadith in Madrasas is secular, but teaching Bhagavt Gita is communal.
  19. Democracy is upheld when his Majesty’s Holy Widow rules the nation through a remote control, but when a Tea seller is elected as PM, then we are going through an “undeclared emergency”.
  20. Uniting Muslims or Yadavs to vote en-masse is a secular act, but uniting Hindus to do the same is communal.
  21. When a Dalit is raped or killed in a BJP ruled state by some other caste, SSJs do breast beating. But they consume fevicol if a Dalit is raped or killed by a Muslim.
  22. The priests in Hindu temples are extremely corrupt, but the Wakf board members are paragons of honesty.
  23. Hindu pandits are cunning crooks but Maulavis are benevolent, pious and holy living souls.

It is therefore important to remain vigilant and understand the game of the SSJs.

DISCLAIMER: The author is solely responsible for the views expressed in this article. The author carries the responsibility for citing and/or licensing of images utilized within the text.