The latest Taandav series on Amazon Prime which is created and directed by Ali Abbas Zafar , produced by Offside Entertainment features cast as Saif Ali Khan, Dimple Kapadia, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Zeeshan Ayyub, Sunil Grover, and others is completely Irrelevant, fabricated, and sham. This hypocritical, mendacious, and mala fide and misleading series show defamatory anti-national propaganda by accused of Azaadi gang, tukde -tukde gang, Delhi Riots, JNU case in name of VNU which is interpreted wrong before the public through their derogatory series which shows their ill-will motive.

India is a nation with the largest democracy in the world, which means that there are more opinions and biases than one can fathom which leaves us to one question is it viable to make a political drama like Taandav in such a nation and more importantly how much of it will be the truth and how much of it will be biased.

In the first episode of the web series, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub is seen disguised as Lord Shiva and while addressing the students of the university, he says that from whom do you want freedom (Azadi). As soon as they come to the stage, a stage operator says, ‘Narayan-Narayan. God, you need to do something to gain popularity and surpass him. Ramji’s followers are constantly increasing on social media and we should also make some new strategies to increase our fanbase’. On this, Zeeshan Ayub, who is seen as Shiva, says, “Shall I come up with a new display picture?” On this, the stage operator calls him innocent.

It is a Hardline Anti-Hindu agenda converted into web series whose sole motive is to shame the Hindu religion and portray Hindu deities in the wrong way and they have been insulted deliberately knowingly it will hurt the sentiments of millions of Hindus globally.

The negative portrayal of Hindus is not just a trend, it’s a part of a nexus, which aims at demeaning the religion at all costs and by all means possible. Right-wing nationalists might label it an anti-Hindu ‘lobby’ but the fact is this is much larger than that, it’s a road to the bigger plan of effacing a thousand-year-old culture that runs in the fake face of anti-BJP/RSS initiatives.

These are not just mere political gimmicks or minority appeasements, these are long-term plans towards de-humanizing the nation and to abolish the remaining faith amongst Hindu youth which is already decreasing at a high pace.

There is a lobby which is conspiring to hurt Sanatan Hindu culture. These days, no film or web series depict a Muslim character in poor light. However, only Hindu characters are shown in a negative manner and this series is not an exception. This lobby is running the agenda to hurt Hindu sentiments, divide the society in the name of caste, religion and create hatred in the minds of people should be toppled. It is hightime that such content is stopped and their plans to mislead and pollute our art and culture should not be allowed to succeed they concluded.

Tandav writer also said that makers kept him out during shooting of Saif Ali Khan’s show: He said that ‘It’s like giving your baby to someone else’. Writer Gaurav Solanki has accused makers of Tandav, of not getting him involved while shooting the Saif Ali Khan starrer.
Speaking about his web series, Saif Ali Khan said , “I don’t want to use American examples, but it’s along the lines of House Of Cards, although set within the framework of Indian politics. The plot takes into account various factions like dalit politics and UP cops and the whole nexus between them.”

There is also a hidden political vendetta in the webseries as it has targeted Indian politics, Central Govt.,UP Govt. Web Series has many legal loopholes as Promotion of drugs and smoking is done without showcasing any disclaimer which is an illegal practise and comes under punishable offence . They have also targeted the entire Lawyers fraternity , Magistrates of Indian courts by shaming justice of India.

When will this stop? How will this stop? Will only boycotting such movies/web series help? Only legal actions taken in present will help stop broadcasting of wrong content in future.

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