Modern Yoga and its Relation to Classical Indian Texts

मनःप्रशमनोपायो योग इत्यभिधीयते॥ Transliteration:manaḥpraśamanopāyo yoga ityabhidhīyate॥ English Translation:The recourse to pacify the mind is called yoga. Source:Mahopaniṣad 5.42 Yoga has been a Bharatiya and...

A therapy for Vikram Patel: ‘The Blunders of Allopathy’

If Allopathic medicine have deciphered the genetic code of a novel infectious agent, we hadn't seen these many reinfection and deaths of Chineese Virus (Covid-19) even after getting complete vaccination. Human body is having sufficient components to naturally decipher the code of this agent, despite you have to only strengthen your immunity. If I write my whole life, It will fall short for describing the blunders that alopathy had made.